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By | November 17, 2022

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1 day ago

It’s weird to see Sam voice a character again after he gave the role of Alastair to Ricco Fajardo (who appears here as Sam’s father since obviously Sam’s actual father had already passed away).

4 days ago


4 days ago

Wow… Loved it! It’s awesome to see some Code Geass here too! As you might be able to tell I resonated greatly with Kallen (minus the fan service LOL) there is just something about her that really hit home. She isn’t a trans character but had a lot of similar inner conflicts that she had to overcome.

Reply to  Kallen
4 days ago

Code Geass is a masterpiece anime!

Kallen’s a great character

C.C. is one of my favorites due to her development as the story goes on especially the conversations with Lelouch as partners in missions and I like her different outfits throughout the series.

10 days ago

Its really hard to belive that it been 10 years for you sam Iit feels like yesterday whrn I accidentally found you on DV and ever since i loved your style of storytelling and animation well done for making it to a decade and hope you go stronger in the next 10 years

11 days ago

The funny thing is, I always felt like Ashes to Ashes was your self-insert character.

Red hair, kinda looked like you. Was having an obviously trans internal monologue (right around the time when you were transitioning).

11 days ago

Great anniversary vid with tons of fan service to older animation. Love Gamecube and Wii. Currently playing Metroid Prime 2 echoes again.

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
5 days ago

If place bombs before the Guardian it disables the energy field allowing less to no damage.

Reply to  Ranmafan
9 days ago

Metroid Prime 2 is my favorite from the video game series because I like the light & dark concept

Quadraxis is the best boss

Boost Guardian in hard mode is most difficult due to ricochet like a pinball, toxic atmosphere, and swarming minions.

Reply to  kenwin07
5 days ago

Beat Prime 2 on hard on GameCube. Boost guardian tricks. The light beam is a scattershot so point blank range means extra damage. 2 simply jumping is a good way to evade.

11 days ago

A really fun, whimsical piece,with magic the way we like it, predictable. Nice work, everyone! And looking forward to more like this.

11 days ago

It is beautiful! I would like to see a follow up from this animation, if that’s okay