Cinder Isle Page 91

By | February 27, 2019

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29 days ago


1 year ago

Okay I get that you’re tired, I get that you’re flirting, I get that you’re a cop, so you already don’t respect people.

But seriously, this is your own son! The correct response is “Shane, take a deep breath and calm down. You’re 15 years old now. Let’s talk about this rationally.” – or something along those lines.

Seriously, all the parents in this comic are pissing me off. I am actually feeling sympathetic to Lorraine now. She might have been 6 different levels of crazy and manipulative, but at least she did care deeply for her child!

Reply to  HA55caps
1 year ago

Great Comments

1 year ago

Shane needs to remind his dad about all the stuff that’s been happening lately men turning into women so don’t dismiss his son’s story.

Ashely Westfield
Reply to  wizardfromy
1 year ago

Yah, lol

1 year ago

i notice that dutch’s gun when he stands up its on his right side hip but when he goes to sit back down its on his left side . Or maybe he has to guns

Reply to  Hardboiled
1 year ago

I think it’s just a mistake in that last panel all the other panels for the last few pages it’s on his right hip. Side note shooting left handed can be a pain since firearms are almost exclusively designed with right handed people in mind. My dad and I are both south paws and we both shoot right handed.

Reply to  Jaybird
3 months ago

Or, to be crude, maybe three guns

1 year ago

What could B next ?

Reply to  Scotto
1 year ago

So far we have a highly contagious virus, a government cover up, and ghosts. I guess a murder mystery for Dutch to solve would be the next genre to add to this story.

1 year ago

Oh boy here comes the town but. Preaching about his GHOOOOST STORRRIEEEESSS~ look pal we got bigger shit to worry about, LIKE HOW WE’LL NEVER GET ULTRA MASH BROS FOR OUR 66’s!!

1 year ago

Has anyone else noticed that wanda seems to have color change lipstick? this comic and the last one show both pink and red in adjacent panels.

1 year ago

Scientifically impossible to explain ghosts…

Kid, have you seen what’s going on in your town?

Reply to  Isaac784
1 year ago

In the 90s science did not believe in the paranormal. Ghosts and paranormal activities were rejected be the scientific community in the 90s as folklore and fairytales. Science couldn’t find quantifiable evidence of the paranormal until the right after the 2000. It was mainly discovered by people using analog recording devices when science became aware that the paranormal could potentially be analyzed and newer more sophisticated equipment began to be manufactured to attempt to analyze and quantify paranormal activity. However, the rejection was mostly due to denial of paranormal existence. There are accounts of scientific experiments going horribly wrong that… Read more »

Reply to  NicoleAsagiri
1 year ago

then these viruses could also be nanites (nanobots), which could therefore also change the target’s clothes, and the ghosts were holograms that protect something in the forest.
At the moment everything is still possible, and we will see which rules prevail.
comment image

1 year ago

Cockblocked by son 🤣

Damian Kaiser-Crompton
1 year ago

Hope we’ll see more of those ghosts in following pages :3
but the most thing i am hoping for is: MAKE GAVIN A WOMAN/GIRL!! PLEEEEEEASE :3

1 year ago

Notice the differenc in Wanda blouse from panel 2 to 6, she must be very fast and coorindated. Because in panel 6 her blouse is buttoned back up and there little time lapse between panel 2 and 6.

Heather Rose
Reply to  loliver04
1 year ago

Yea Wanda’s time to flirt is over back to work especially since Shane ruined the mood with his ghost stories Dutch will be not consecrating on Wanda’s boob’s. I hope Wanda got the same information that Zoey got about sex and transmitting the virus (Curse).

Reply to  Heather Rose
1 year ago

I thought the same thing but she only opened 1 button. I’m surprised the others haven’t mentioned Wanda’s very very noticeable (and huge) nipples.

1 year ago

With everything going on, id believe the ghost story to be honest. Half the town has transformed into sexy women? A ghost doesn’t seem so far-fetched after that

Levi D Dalv
1 year ago

Wanda is cooking dinner tonight.

1 year ago

Glad to see Red didn’t say fat.
As for Wanda it looks like she has desert all picked out all ready. I wonder what excuse she is going to give her wife about why she won’t be home for supper.

1 year ago

Eventually, Dutch will believe Shane, because they can’t find his bicycle anywhere!
Excellent job making Shane’s account excitedly garbled as it would most likely be.

Reply to  MtnMan
1 year ago

Convince Gavin first Shane! You need him on your side.

Reply to  MtnMan
1 year ago

They’ll believe him when they see what happened to his bicycle. Since it’s now two unicycles. Lol… 😂🤣