Cinder Isle Page 610

By | July 30, 2020

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3 months ago

I knew it! I figured the only way he would be unaffected by the curse virus was if he was already cursed to begin with.

3 months ago

I stand corrected, Gavin is no warlock.

3 months ago

It’s not that was obvious back Bride said that he had a deep dark secret or anything…

(That was sarcasm.)

3 months ago

WELP! i was wrong

3 months ago

This must be hell for Gavin then, watching everyone else turning into a girl.

Candi the Kitty Witch
3 months ago

Brah. Same.

Blackwater Park
3 months ago

Rain Gavin > Cinder Isle Gavin

Last edited 3 months ago by Blackwater Park
3 months ago

Mind blown. I did not see this coming.

3 months ago

I bet Gavin’s real mom had the gender curse and she did a similar thing that Jamie’s dad did by cross dressing. This was probably one of the reasons Gavin’s birth parents had a huge argument and talk about divorce.

Ant Craft
3 months ago

My my, saw this coming for well over a year, probably before page 100 (but it’s been so long now). The hints were subtle at first, like some of his awkwardness towards girls primarily, but other things too. And then it started becoming more obvious over time, especially in the last 100 pages with the “dark secret”, his disappointment after the festival, him rejecting Zoey, ect. I certainly am looking forward to what happens from here, and since the next comic is going to be announced some point next month, how Cinder Isle ends. It’s going to be weird moving… Read more »

Mina Monet
3 months ago

oh my..

3 months ago

I saw that one coming. I could tell with gavin’s demeanor this entire time that that was most likely the deep dark secret he was hiding. Because I myself as a trans woman could tell that he very much disliked his body and was jealous of the other girls. 😉

Last edited 3 months ago by Jordyn
Brooke Noelle
Reply to  Jordyn
3 months ago

How did you know?

3 months ago

I this for fun it is what gavin’s pokemon team would be if pokemon were real

3 months ago

Well I sure hope somebody picks up that phone. Because I f*cking called it!

3 months ago

So Gavin’s the only guy left on the island and he wants to be a girl. Well you better get cracking on your 3D puzzle.