Cinder Isle Page 543

By | May 24, 2020

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1 month ago

How ironic how I just spoke about Humpty Dumpty three days ago LOL

1 month ago

Since it’s 3 in the morning and there’s a lot of pieces to put together, I don’t think they’re going to finish putting it together on this night. It’ll probably take weeks and will probably be done in time for the 1st anniversary of the virus festival. Which I still feel is a trap for Sandra and Natalie. I still think something’s up with that mayor. Either he’s working with or possessed by an evil ghost or he’s working with the military, who may be upset that Sandra and Natalie revealed some of the shady stuff they were doing.

Reply to  ambersmithe
1 month ago

I hate to say this, I bet the festival get interrupted by the bullies’ plan to give a opportunity for Sandra and Natalie to escape from the corrupted military

1 month ago

You can do it Gavin!

1 month ago

It’s the Sapphire Foxx Statue puzzle only 10000 pieces it can be yours for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling

Reply to  Jennythepenny2015
1 month ago

Dammit, now I want a 3D Sapphire Foxx puzzle! Also, now I’m wondering why they don’t do merch yet…I would totally rock a Sapphire Foxx tee, or skirt, or hoodie, etc. But that takes investing that might be difficult right now with everything going on 😞

Hey Sam, when things finally get back to normal, do you think there may be merch in the future?

1 month ago

They chose the smartest person in the group to assist the doctor ghost. Seems pretty reasonable despite the fact that Gavin has no idea of what Alastair really looked like. I believe some of the shards containing Alastair’s soul will telepathically contact Gavin as he and the Doctor ghost make repairs.

1 month ago

4D puzzle ????

Reply to  whisper47
1 month ago

the 4th dimension is magical I guess?

JD Washington
1 month ago

In Fractured, Alistair got shattered into 9,164 pieces. So I’m guessing, there are around 8-10k shards to be pieced back together. Isabelle took a whole month to completely assemble and heal Alistair, but she also has to deal with finding missing shards, days without sleep, and troublemaker non-bloods. With Gavin and the Nurse teaming up, this should take about, maybe, 2 weeks, most likely less.

They need to fix Alistair before Sept. 30, where the 2 idiots will conduct their evil-but-dumb plan of infecting everyone. 17 days left.

Reply to  JD Washington
1 month ago

We’re doomed.

Reply to  JD Washington
1 month ago

If Gavin starts to break down because it’s impossible to complete Alistair, Zoey can encourage her boyfriend by cheering him up with saying “Never give up” and along helping a little.

“We need you to hope again.”

1 month ago

Gavin the Nurse’s assistant

1 month ago

Did anyone else feel sorry for Gavin when he couldn’t be in the Girl’s Club when they went on that adventure?

1 month ago

Gaven “be a man” and just do it… in this situation be a woman is more fitting lol

1 month ago

Gavin you must do it after everything your girlfriend did to collect all of those shards