Cinder Isle Page 538

By | May 19, 2020

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14 days 11 hours ago

At the very least, Allistair in pieces does explain why he hasn’t been investigating what’s causing so much strange activity on Cinder Island for *checks dates* just 17 days shy of an entire year this has been going on in canon?

14 days 22 hours ago

Ironically the gang’s parents have one way or another have handled or done things immaturely or childishly despite being adults (with the exception of Elaine). Even Dutch I think handled the revelation of his wife marrying somebody else because she believes her family is dead in an immature way considering he decided to have sex with Wanda and didn’t care that they could get found out by their kids after being overwhelmed by grief and anger at the revelation (at least until it backfired).

14 days 23 hours ago

I can predict that the girls will give the shards to Gavin. While the shards are with him, we will finally know more about Gavin’s hidden secrets and desires (he is stated by the bride to have many that he never shared with his friends).

15 days 13 minutes ago

it may be that girls put together Alistair just as Isabele put together .

15 days 35 minutes ago

Very mature of them to consider to give it a shot if they do both go back to being male.

15 days 50 minutes ago

That was well spoken from Sandra

15 days 1 hour ago

Oh wow. Zoey’s jacket came in handy for carrying all those shards. Smart move.

15 days 1 hour ago

I want them to have the option to choose