Cinder Isle Page 288

By | September 12, 2019

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10 months ago

So when does she realize she recognized another ‘change’, other than his stuttering. Something lower, perhaps?

The Emerald Panther
10 months ago

Time flies when you’re having fun; considering the amount of time passed they must’ve had a lot of fun.
It’s good to see Gavin back to being himself.
With Valentine’s Day amost 2 weeks away comic time, they might be able to squeeze a date in that time.

10 months ago

You magnificent basted I read your book

Reply to  Jennythepenny2015
10 months ago

To anyone who got my general s Patent line please like it

10 months ago

I wonder what that lipstick she is wearing. 45 minutes of kissing and a not a bit of lipstick smears and nothing on Gravin.. I would be impressed.

10 months ago

Now that this is settled, will a new problem finally come soon because most vacations shown in the comics and animations often have a new problem created.

James Caras
10 months ago

Will wonders ever cease. Our little Gavin is becoming a man.

Mina Monet
10 months ago


10 months ago

It seems Zoey has beauty and brains as well for making a smart move with Gavin to cure his stutter around her

10 months ago

Keeping romance and other exploration aside does any discussion show what is happening in the island

JD Washington
Reply to  sandyfantasy
10 months ago

Same shit, different day, I assume..

10 months ago

I guess they’ll never kiss each other that long again. Something(s) will happen that’ll allow them to move on to the later stages of love/sex.

Reply to  MtnMan
10 months ago

Zoey and Gavin are going to take their relationship to the next level in the future

10 months ago

Only 45 minutes? Pfft, if she was REALLY enjoying it, she’d have kissed him for over an hour! Clearly this was just kissing lessons

10 months ago

that was one long kiss.

10 months ago

Vavavoom, Zoey was enjoying it as much as Gavin.

10 months ago

He also isn’t calling her Zack anymore!

10 months ago

I thought the door would open while the couple kissed