Cinder Isle Page 200

By | June 16, 2019

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14 days ago

The geiger counter wouldn’t be reading zero because of background radiation.

D The Weeb
20 days ago

I swear, why does the US government love throwing toxic waste into the ocean?

1 year ago

I’ll give the too-inquisitive journalist character a little credit for at least giving his son the option to turn away from this situation and having really good cause that this is a cover-up, but he really shouldn’t have brought his son along in the first place tho. Also if they pick up that barrel that would be really dumb, I mean, okay, they’re lying about the nuclear explosion, but they must have done the cover-up for a REASON, and they wouldn’t just put warning signs on barrels for laughs. The dumbness of that thought makes me laugh. Sorry, just wanted… Read more »

1 year ago

My god the level of stupid is off the charts! Loading barrels of biohazzard materials and you KNOCK ONE INTO THE OCEAN?!

The award for the stupidest background character in this comic goes to Rando-McCrane-Operator!

1 year ago

Ha! Everyone is fucked

1 year ago


1 year ago

Wonder what waste they’re dumping and why they think it’s safe to dump in the water here…

Reply to  munchkinofanger
1 year ago

We can see that there’s some red liquid seeping out of the top of the barrel, so that liquid is certainly the water from the pond in the Underwood Forest, the water that started the virus in the first place. The military also didn’t dump it in the ocean, a crane accidentally knocked that barrel into the ocean and none of the guards noticed.

Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
1 year ago

thanks for the 411 Paul

1 year ago

Did anyone notices on the face of the Geiger counter showed 0000, that not possible as they will always be back round radiation.

1 year ago

God, this military sucks

1 year ago

Oh, so typical; the military loses a barrel of toxic waste, and a reporter is so interested in making a scoop that he wants to find out what is in the barrel. Has he ever heard of radar?

1 year ago

New twist could be that the red fresh water (since the moose drank it) now mixing with the sea water will turn them into mermaids.

The Emerald Panther
1 year ago

If they take the barrel back with them, there will be no stopping it when it spreads to the mainland.
If this doesn’t get the attention of sorcerers, it will eventually spread into their cities.

Sgt kian
1 year ago

Looks like the infection is going to spread to the mainland and I’m still looking forward to seeing the beast the rests below the red lake

1 year ago

Hey Sam, did someone inform you that a lot of your content is being released on YouTube under the alias [name of channel removed by moderator]?

Reply to  Vistaprinter
1 year ago

Thank you for finding YouTube channels that are pirating content from this website and reporting it. That is appreciated. However, in the future please report all websites and channels that are pirating content from this website by sending a link to that website to rather than posting the names and links of these websites in the comments. Thanks.

1 year ago

Looks like Nathan is going to be Natalie