Chick Drink

By | November 17, 2023

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Daniel Marsh
29 days ago

Ten archana says she stayed like that after the vacation, with a mass memory alter spell to boot.

4 months ago

I will be a strawberry, peach blueberry eggnog smoove soon..

5 months ago

Demoman: How do those drinks taste when mixed with scrumpy?

Voice acting and animation were quite good, as per usual.

Tony was acting rather stupid by not realizing the changes happening to him right away.

8/10. It’s a simple premise executed rather well.

Reply to  AuraTerrorbird
5 months ago

Death Battle idea: Obito Uchiha (Naruto) vs Sylvana

2 tragic fallen characters lost their loved ones

I think Obito won due to his ninja skills, intangibility, Kamui dimension, rapid healing, Truth Seeking Orbs, & Infinite Tsukuyomi

Obito: You lost someone you care
Sylvana: Revenge is inevitable
O: No, this is inevitable!
S: You die here non-blood!
O: Too late

Red lady in dream illusion – She’s reunited with Alistair and her family

Obito: You are liberated from hell. Find peace in the next life.

5 months ago

Interesting Question. What are the other drinks can do? I know the Mucho Macho Grande makes people muscular and the Cherry Peach Blast turns guys into women. But what to the other drinks do? Will there we a series based around it? Could happen, right?


6 months ago

I appreciate the previous to what you have done, thank you

6 months ago

Well it isn’t the holiday season until you get a good preview of a sunny paradise~

And what a place!
Now to figure out what the REST of the menu does~

6 months ago

Where could one get this drink? Asking for myself

JD Washington
6 months ago

Back when this one-shot was announced, it was said back then that there’s a “very silly reason” why the name Tony was chosen for the main character.

Is that something that can be elaborated now, or do we have to wait until the other mentioned story called The Truth Hurts gets released?

Paul Sell
Reply to  JD Washington
6 months ago

I kinda want to keep it a surprise for The Truth Hurts, but I’ll give a hint about the silly reason. It has more to do with the fact that Tony’s female name is Tina. We just need a little bit of someone else and everything will be complete.

Reply to  Paul Sell
6 months ago

hmm, I was guessing it was going to be a joke on Tina sounding like “tiny” so maybe that’s it

Reply to  Paul Sell
5 months ago

Tina and “a little bit of someone else”? I think I saw what you did there, what the surprise is. You know, a famous horror writer almost got divorced over that, or so he’s said. One of the weirdest headlines ever.