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Godmother Page 5

“Oliver, meet your Godmother… Roll Credits.” Mobile users can now access the most recent comic pages at the top of the homepage! — SapphireFoxx (@TheSapphireFoxx) January 16, 2018

Godmother Page 3

“Brooke is a fashion designer, and longtime friend of Oliver, both of which grew up in Buffalo. While Brooke is giving him advice to keep working harder to get his career back on track, Oliver’s modeling buddies are trying to pressure him into letting loose at the club with them.”

Godmother Page 2

“Struggling to keep up with his bills and his dream career not going well, Oliver considers moving back home to Buffalo and taking up a more standard job. His friend Brooke tries to cheer him up and and urges him to keep fighting. Perhaps a new opportunity will come up soon.”

Godmother Page 1

“Oliver is a professional male model trying to make ends meet in the mean streets of New York City. As he explains to his friend Brooke, his career is in a bit of a slump.” Another year, another comic! Here’s to series number five! If you’re wondering, this is when Godmother takes place on the Sapphire Foxx timeline:

Maker’s Game Page 26

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Maker’s Game Page 25

“Cynthel is enjoying the game when suddenly she hears a cry for help. It seems Hikaru has found something much more dangerous than a big old boar. With the support system down, there’s no way to enforce order over the trapped players.”