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TheTGArtist is joining !!

Hey everyone, here’s some good news that I’m sure you’ll all love. TheTGArtist and I have agreed to start putting her work up on There are several animations and interactive flashes up now, and I’ll be uploading more of her work gradually over the next few weeks. If things go well for her on the site, we’ve… Read More »

I Told My Family…

(Be sure to read my last journal if you haven’t already.) Yep I did tell them. It went much better than I expected. Everyone was not only very supportive, but also very proud to see how successful the site has become. I was expecting them to try and convince me to stay in school and that this wasn’t… Read More »

A Major Breakthrough!!!

Here I was expecting this weekend’s journal to be me complaining about how school was taking up a lot of my time and that I wouldn’t be able to post as often. Well, I had a major surprise yesterday! Remember months ago when I said I couldn’t get an advertiser for my website? Well yesterday I was finally… Read More »

Major Overhaul to Site is currently under going a huge update and will be down for a few hours. The site should be back up by 1pm EST. Come back then to check out the new site! -SapphireFoxx UPDATE: 11:15: Animations are coming back up online. They should all be back up by noon. Still a lot more to do after… Read More »