Becoming A Bridesmaid 14

By | May 16, 2015

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1 month ago

Re-watching this I’m still curious what the whole fight was about.

5 years ago

nice touch with the shadow being James’ at the end.

Levi D Dalv
5 years ago

Dad doesn’t hate Amanda, Lucy Loves Amanda, Amanda is the better option, but what will James do.

5 years ago

Amanda’s decision is being made easy. She has missed the joys of her monthly. She is several notches more attractive as a woman than she was as a man. She has both a hot chick and a hot hunk interested in her (body). She is getting along with her father.

I do wish she would get to enjoy sex with a man before she makes up her mind.

5 years ago

Hmmm I don’t know if its a change your drawing style but Amanda’s sister looks absolutely adorable and they make a cute pair of sIblings. I have to say though the more of Lucy I see the less I think she’s good match up for Amanda she just seems a little more party girl than commitment type although the way she makes Amanda blush is entertaining. I look forward to seeing the conclusion and the decision that Amanda will make, although I suspect having her dad show up just weighed in on the side of staying a girl.

Reply to  Senko
5 years ago

Bit of a shame her sister doesn’t remember her as a guy as it’d probably make the decision a bit easier if she could talk it over with someone. That picture of you on the side seems rather creepier than I remember too, I need sleep I think.

5 years ago

Nice touch at the end, “To Be Concluded”.

5 years ago

i’d like to know what was the cause of the fight between James and his father? it’s kind of quick fix for that problem in his life if he chooses to stay as Amanda. but whose to say the “issue” won’t re-occur if he’s Amanda, after all the fox said only him and the fox will remember his former life, in his own mind he will be the same person whatever gender he decides to remain . in my opinion James has really more issues to address before he makes a decision?

Mina Monet
Reply to  qualisarphate
5 years ago

valid point

Reply to  qualisarphate
5 years ago

I think the issue was with the father. Judging by “Amanda’s” reaction, the father was harboring a grudge over a fight they had had years ago. It doesn’t seem like something that would reoccur should he choose to stay as Amanda

5 years ago

She’s going to stay as Amanda. The fringe benefits are just too good. If it was just “should I become Amanda to stay with Lucy” that’s one thing, but in this life her entire family situation is so much better. She’d actually be happier this way.

James Caras
5 years ago

What about Brad ?

Reply to  James Caras
5 years ago

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

5 years ago

It would have been nice if the sister still knew, who she was. She would be the ideal person to ask advice in this hard choice. Amanda takes of the necklace for a moment and then asks what to do. Or tell lucy about it. The necklace modifies their thoughts anyway, it’s the perfect loophole.

chop ficaro
5 years ago


Reply to  chop ficaro
5 years ago

they havent even decided to stay as amanda or remain as james, though saying that if they decide to live life as amanda their will always be time for brad 😉

5 years ago


Candi the Kitty Witch
Reply to  steven
5 years ago

Yeah I Agree. life seems to be Funneling to that Choice.

5 years ago

I think up till this part of the Becoming a Bridesmaid series was really great. However, it seems like the animator / author has gone a skew. If James hasn’t decided on being himself or becoming Amanda then How could his father or even his sister think of James as Amanda, a daughter or a sister, that would have to be a change in his life after he made the decision. And where would the interaction between James and his sister now that his skin is real. His sister gave him the idea in the beginning of disguising her brother… Read more »

5 years ago

Your life as Amanda seems way better than James could have had it. You’ll have to put up with guys hitting on you all the damn time, though… so that decision is a toughy!

5 years ago

Looking forward to the finale!!! I believe it was Sheryl Crow that said “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad”. I believe James has shown signs that he is happy as Amanda and he certainly doesn’t have to decide on a life partner right away, so whatever the Foxx decides, I think I’ll enjoy the final result!!!