Awakening – Seattle Seductress

By | February 17, 2023

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D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
16 days ago

I hate it that Holly keeps getting the short end of the stick in this universe.

26 days ago

Yes, pretty good. But I dislike the whole “forced to be a woman premise.” I much prefer the gentler “I want to be a woman” scenario.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  khedgecock
16 days ago


Reply to  khedgecock
8 days ago

Well TBF that is the whole point of the Awakening series Sylvana is not turning all of the world to help non-blpods she doing it so that non bloods will go extinct because it is to difficult to kill them all one at a time. By doing what sylvana is doimg it will take longer but non bloods will eventually go extint without being able to reproduce. that why Alistair and co must stop sylvana and her followers befote it really is too late

Last edited 8 days ago by MarkoDan92
thomas smith
27 days ago

i would really like more one shots like this

John Cena
1 month ago

I genuinely thought this was one of the best you’ve produced in a while. It’s so hot.

1 month ago

It is perhaps the worst case scenario for Christina (who chose the non-blood life) at this point in her life; people close to her have been infected by Sylvana’s enhanced curses, she can’t contact her siblings or Isabelle for help and she can only keep things at bay for so long before she is forced to escape. She can only hope that the heroes can help her before it is too late.

1 month ago

The curse infection reminds me of Malice from Breath Of The Wild due to spread the corruption to cause the invasion

I can’t wait for Tears Of The Kingdom!

1 month ago

Awakening Future dialog) RING RING Repeated Jessica: Huh Guys im getting a call its from Christina (answers and puts the call. on loud speaker) Hello Christina Whats up Christina: Jessica oh thank god I thought I was never gonna get through to you Chris: Christina whats going on were quite occupied here is something wrong Christina: Chris you and Jessica need to come home right now Mom,Mark and Holly are in really big trouble Jessica: What! trouble christina what kind of trouble Christina: I-Im not sure I came in and holly and Mom were makimg out and mark had been… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by MarkoDan92
Reply to  MarkoDan92
15 days ago

Non-canon Addition (The other members of Squad Multiverse arrive on the scene at Cinder Isle though an MDP (multidimensional portal).) Grant 10: No. Alistair might need backup if Sylvana or her forces find you here. Tanya: And like you said, Isabelle. You’ll all be walking into a trap. Spider: Plus, you’re still recovering from those blood withdrawals. Chris: My parents and Holly are infected with the gender curse, and you think it’s better for Christina to be left at their mercy?! Grant 10: No…We’ll go. Alistair: Absolutely not! Sylvana was able to defeat both Sebastian and Ashley with ease while… Read more »

Last edited 15 days ago by AuraTerrorbird
1 month ago

It’s likely that this took place before Alastair and his allies got to Cinder Isle. Christina couldn’t contact her siblings or Isabelle because they were either preoccupied in the fights on the island and/or the island blocks all communication that would go to the island unless Alastair has modified the phones. Let’s hope that Isabelle did not think of destroying the phones so that Sylvana cannot trace the calls (she mentioned they cannot go back to their homes due to the possibility of being caught in a trap).

Daniel Marsh
Reply to  Chromer
1 month ago

I’d say that it happened during the fight as Riley was able to call Ashley in Ashes to Ashes but I’m open to other’s opinions.