Wish In The Classroom Redux

By | August 27, 2017

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152 Comments on "Wish In The Classroom Redux"

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Profile photo of MeanMiiikke
3 days 17 hours ago

Such a great job

Profile photo of tgfervor
6 days 17 hours ago

I like the addition of Isabelle as the teacher.

Profile photo of Tracy_lushes
11 days 4 hours ago

I would of liked to see one where guy just had boobs. But still a guy.

Profile photo of Grumlord7
12 days 4 hours ago

Would love a second part for the dance

Profile photo of ecto13
12 days 14 hours ago

Your videos have improved a lot since 2012! One of my favorites. Great job, Keep them coming!

Profile photo of Stephanie Denise
12 days 21 hours ago

I think this one should have more then one part…….maybe covering the PROM…..and after……since this is a maker over from the old one……this one is whole lot better……….

Profile photo of edge2099
14 days 6 hours ago

I would love to see a second part to “Wish In The Classroom”. I know it was just a redux but there is potential like how she finally goes to prom and falls for him

Profile photo of Stephanie Denise
12 days 21 hours ago

I SO agree…….edge2099

Profile photo of davethekj
14 days 20 hours ago

I much prefer the remake vs the original

Profile photo of Ryoko
16 days 17 hours ago

Sure, wish I had a “dog like something” in class. Maybe it is true that because some guy can’t get along with girls is because he is supposed to be a girl himself. Of course it is always great to be a really sexy girl!!

Profile photo of Fern
16 days 20 hours ago


Profile photo of jfoxsox
17 days 12 hours ago

I’d love a follow up episode

Profile photo of soluxe
17 days 20 hours ago

i don’t see anything,why

Profile photo of rachel
18 days 43 minutes ago

I wonder what kind of bra /underwear she has on now

Profile photo of edge2099
18 days 2 hours ago

I would absolutely love to see a continuation of this with Andi seeing her family after the change and going to prom with her date.

Profile photo of lunaria88
18 days 3 hours ago

I want to see Andi at the dance now!