Wish In The Classroom Redux

By | August 27, 2017

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D The Weeb
2 months ago

Why didn’t Alistair and Izzy warn her?

4 months ago

So was Andi cursed and we just didnt see the orb? Im guessing isabel and Alisteir were just posing as teacher and decor to cure him then.

Obsidian Wolf
Obsidian Wolf
Reply to  DalkothSeer
13 days ago

So that’s why they were there. I bet Izzy probably hated the idea making her hair all black. I’d recognize her face anywhere.

Obsidian Wolf
Obsidian Wolf
Reply to  Obsidian Wolf
4 days ago

If you saw SFS: WB, the curse takes time to fully release from the body so we wouldn’t have seen it yet. It probably came out a few hours after the end of the one shot.

4 months ago

What About the 2nd part – wasn´t it supposed to be there on April 20th?

Reply to  Melanie_2nd
4 months ago

“Wish in the Classroom: Homecoming” is actually not an animation. It is a comic, exclusive to SF Beyond. It did start on April 20 over there and just had its third page published today.

D The Weeb
Reply to  LinkandZelda4ever
2 months ago

I wish I could have a way to use both series, without paying for each. It’s a pain in the ass to pay for both

7 months ago

I’m guessing this was after the events of Awakening, set in the distant future where Isabelle lose all her powers after donating half of her blood to Alistair, effectively turning her into non blood then losing her signature blue highlights in the process.

Reply to  Nyanhamster96
19 days ago

Her loosing her power from giving her blood to Alistair is only temporary and if she did loose her papers permanently then she would probably still do the blue highlights via non magical means. She probably removed them as part of a disguise.

Last edited 19 days ago by LaudoMatriae
1 year ago

Feel a bit cheated by not seeing Andy all dolled up at the dance.

1 year ago

In desperate need of a sequel 💜

1 year ago

Andi is so lucky. I just wish that statue could have been in my classroom to turn me into a really sexy girl like Andi turned out. She is just so hot.

1 year ago

I agree…love to see were this will go…i think
A lot of the shorts…have openings for more proper endings

1 year ago

Im guessing that this is in the far future as Isabel look much more older and mature as a teacher

1 year ago

I wish there was a sequel to this!

2 years ago

why is Isabel the teacher?

2 years ago

was that holly?

2 years ago

Very nice improvement from 2012! I’ve technically been looking at your work for a few years now, but just today got a temporary subscription. Good job!

2 years ago

I’m going to be a single loser too

Tg Guy
2 years ago

I have the same problem with girls does that me that will happen to me too?

Reply to  Tg Guy
2 years ago

I hope so,but most likely no 😀