Wish In The Classroom Redux

By | August 27, 2017

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181 Comments on "Wish In The Classroom Redux"

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14 days 7 hours ago

I’m going to be a single loser too

21 days 8 hours ago

I have the same problem with girls does that me that will happen to me too?

14 days 9 hours ago

I hope so,but most likely no 😀

2 months 2 days ago

An impressive redux. I always want to see how these one-shot characters adjust to their new lives.

2 months 6 days ago

Loved the teacher

3 months 9 days ago

Do you hire professional voice actors? I recognize Caleb’s voice actor.

3 months 30 days ago

I know this was this was just a remaster of an old video but I would love to see a part two with Andi going to homecoming with Kaleb and falling for him

4 months 25 days ago


5 months 9 days ago

So was there a curse in that school? Otherwise what were Isabelle and Alistair doing there, and why was Isabelle masquerading as the teacher?

6 months 20 days ago

I know you sit through ironic comments asking more Series out of one shots and people saying there’s too many series, to be fair Sam you and your team make most of these one shots REALLY open-ended. And I hate to admit….you left this one a bit open ended.

All I’m saying ONE MORE is all. One more segment showing the dance and that’s all! But I’m sure Andi will figure things out. This really is the best for her.

23 days 7 hours ago

They charge people mind about the person that change

6 months 22 days ago

Totally wonderful. This has the potential to become a mainline series. Characters are all in place and development can flow as an obvious story line. Really sexy too. I love it!!

6 months 10 days ago

So, are transformations the object of the site, or are stories of transformees having romance the objective? A great deal of the TG stuff that I read seems to be more romance than expose’ about transformations and coping with them. Getting into Andi’s head to experience the differences is one thing, but watching her interact with guys does not really seem that interesting.

6 months 26 days ago

I think this animation shows how far we’ve come. The original was just a punchline to the joke “oh wish I had a pair like them” and It does come off as that all he got was the boobs.

But here, it’s fleshed out, learn abit more about Andi, see her honest reaction and realization of her new surroundings, not to mention CLEVER weaving in of characters we’ve come to know (Isabelle and Alistair) to appear with nary a full explanation but the idea is delivered very clear.

5 years can change a person…uh no pun intended there Miss Mokler ^^;

7 months 18 days ago

God I was racking my brain trying to figure out why the voice actor for Caleb sounded so familiar, googled him and he voice acts Oscar Pine in RWBY, that’s kinda crazy.

7 months 29 days ago

You should definitely make this into a full series!

8 months 5 days ago

Such an amazing evolution between both videos !

8 months 9 days ago

Definitely an improvement over the original, however, what would make it better is if this redux were to continue as a series. Not a long one, three to five episodes would do. Just long enough of a ride to experience the highs and lows of agonizes and discoveries until you arrive at acceptance in the end.