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By | December 27, 2016

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4 months ago


1 year ago

boy that slyvana must have used mind control on that girl to lure teenage boys to that home just so that they can be transformed into girls against their will . oh how dastardly of you slyvana .

3 years ago

I know awakening is now over but a prequel to this showing her transformation would be cool.

Reply to  sarge236
3 years ago

“Awakening” isn’t finished yet. It is still an on-going series.

3 years ago

So, THIS is why Alistair is still working to undo his wife’s curse to this day. From what I can gather, Slyvana started some kind of mind-control cult with Megan as her apprentice? (I doubt that’s the same Megan that Ethan knew. Slyvana already got her hands on her, I’m afraid.) Poor girls…

4 years ago

How is this a one-shot video? It ties in with the ‘Awakening’ series perfectly. Oh, well I guess it doesn’t really matter. Well done work.

5 years ago

I would love to see an animation (or mini-series!) similar to this one but where the curse gets interrupted after the transformation but before the mind control so the victim is able to escape while keeping her mind in tact and then has to adjust to the changes.

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  saraxurtch
2 years ago

But that would mean that they can’t ever been changed back.

5 years ago

So what happened to her parents and when is the sequel to this coming out

Reply to  Ashelygirl11
5 years ago

It is my personal theory that the Apprentice without the hood is her father, as seen transformed in Awakening V.

5 years ago

This Is So Cool.