Who’s Older Now

By | May 7, 2022

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10 days ago

I really enjoyed this one and Vivian isn’t too far off from how I wish I looked IRL. Too bad this carnival isn’t in my town 🙂

12 days ago

well i am glad that carter has found his dream girl in the newly transformed woman vivian . and i hope that they have a great future together .

Jenni Noelle
12 days ago

This one was great! I love identity death stories, so this one was fantastic for that alone. The voice actress for Vivian was so sensual in her delivery. That’s a crazy hot voice! The character is gorgeous, she’s a real winner all around. Cons for me would be Madam Quandary’s voice (what is it with this site and terrible accents? I feel like every other video has an accent so bad it takes me out of the story entirely) and a little too much exposition in the script from Vivian after the identity death. Really great stuff! One-shots are the… Read more »

Reply to  Jenni Noelle
11 days ago

Terrible accents at a traveling carnival is quite common. 90% of carnie booth workers don’t have the best acting chops no matter how good they are at doing the promoted job.

12 days ago

This one wasn’t for me. I’m not a fan of identity death, even if the original character was a jerk.

12 days ago

I…actually don’t have a witty line for this one.


  • The plot doesn’t meander around one bit. It jumps RIGHT to the chase!
  • The animation was smooth and slick as cooking oil!
  • The pacing felt just right!
  • The voice-work was great!


  • Really not much to speak of here, aside from very minute nitpicks.

My score? 10/10. Definitely the best one-shot of the year so far.

12 days ago

So does Vivian only just remember these things, or was Joel turned into a woman that actually lived these experiences.

12 days ago

oh boy a fortune teller who can predict the future and can change a persons gender at the same time . boy that disrespectful teenager has just gotten an gender change and an attitude adjustment . wow he got what he deserves .

Jenni Noelle
Reply to  shoeflypie1831
12 days ago

Thank you, captain obvious 😂😂😂

12 days ago

Excellent Animation, can definitely see the hard work paying off

JD Washington
12 days ago

Madame Quandary just made the phrase “Hot single MILFs in your area” a reality.

12 days ago

Since Brandon Winckler plays so many nice guys in the animations on this website, he should definitely voice Gavin from Cinder Isle in the eventual Cinder Isle mini series (which is implied to occur prior to the end of the comic since Zoey was in the semi finals of the Waifu tournament).

Reply to  Chromer
12 days ago

The voice actor did well played as jerks like Lawrence (The Night Is Young) and Chet (Night Of The Witches)

On Cinder Isle – Maybe if Zack is getting bored on shopping time with Gaela, he transformed into Zoey to make it more enjoyable.

12 days ago

No big loss on the jerk. Here’s hoping its a lasting relationship.