Undercover Agent – Episode 8

By | October 7, 2018

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1 year ago

is that the virgin killer sweater

shineypo oface
1 year ago

looking back at this vid I do hope this is a sign of potential future belly/pregnant expansion in the future as I am a big fan 😀

1 year ago

WOW! This is great! When will we see Episode 9?

1 year ago

I’m enjoying the graphics and plot. The floating skulls in the lab were a nice touch. The attention to details such as Spears replacing the rifle magazine was impressive.

1 year ago

I like the action but I still want Jane to take over

1 year ago

The nanos will do their work. So the direktors will will form Alejandros servant into the new direktor. And the nanos will make spears into Alejandros wife in body and mind. It´s just a question of time. Alejandros wife will Arrest him, and then turn on the guvernment. Spears will be no more and Alejandros wife will kill both – the old and the new director. And they life happy everafter. What do you think?

1 year ago

i think that Spears isn’t gonna be able to kill Alejandro

Inquisitor One
1 year ago

The amount of people fetishising mind replacement is utterly disgusting. It equates to murder.
But I will agree that the thought of having his body permanently replaced with hers is… arousing.

D The Weeb
Reply to  Inquisitor One
10 days ago

Mommy Makeover and Godmother triggered my trauma to the point I had to leave the site for a whole day.

1 year ago

Have VPNs been blocked for viewing videos? I can’t see the video with any of my VPN’s servers (even the ones in the US).

1 year ago

Has or was Jade ever been taught how to handle her period?

Inquisitor One
Reply to  Cartoonist
1 year ago

I doubt the mission will last that long.
Also she’s pregnant. There’s no period on pregnant women. It would beat the purpose of the pregnancy if the creation was ejected.

1 year ago

Spears/Jade is pregnant and it could be twins a boy / girl and so will he give his mind up to Jade? I think he lose a battle to Jade and become the wife with twins.

1 year ago

This was so corny lol

1 year ago

I wanna become a good girl version of Jade myself.

1 year ago

Spears will soon lose his memory.Jade will be convinced that Alejandro s wife

1 year ago

I hope she stays as Jade forever and can’t change back. And as a woman she’d make a good agent. She’ll have to get her name legally changed to Jade for her new life as a woman.