Undercover Agent Episode 5

By | February 27, 2018

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58 Comments on "Undercover Agent Episode 5"

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16 days 4 hours ago

Can you say “morning sickness”?

16 days 13 hours ago

Someone is now a female fully. Say bye bye to being agent spears

18 days 20 hours ago

Waoooo…. I Love This History!!!!

20 days 3 hours ago


20 days 4 hours ago

I guess you could say, Agent Spears was Royally Screwed XD Best Video

21 days 1 hour ago

I’ve been a subscriber for almost 4 years; that was the BEST animation EVER! Thanks! Looking forward to so much more!

21 days 2 hours ago

If agent Spears is like me with his view it’s like the following. Uh, only in a female real body under the right condition with my mind on female mode, I would only allow “her ” to sleep with my female form. Damn, if Alenjandro find out I’m agent Spears, Spears is so telling him that he Alenjandro slept with the female only and not Spears. When I go back to being Spears again I’m going back to being a straight man and go have sex with as many women as I can and forget that woman form banging Alenjandro

21 days 3 hours ago

I love the dragon floatie. LoL.

21 days 20 hours ago


22 days 20 minutes ago

Oh my. After I saw this I was completely ready for some guy to come along and pile drive me into oblivion! Still frisky 24 hours later. Whew!

22 days 2 hours ago

Great job. This one keeps getting better

22 days 4 hours ago

This was the longest animation I’ve seen yet. If anyone knows of a longer one by Sam, please let me know, how long was it, and what was the name of it?

22 days 7 hours ago

Agent Spear and Jade are clones.

22 days 9 hours ago

Anyone thinking that maybe Jade was mind controlled and now that’s what is happening to Agent Spears?

21 days 7 hours ago

The $64 question is…what was in that purple bottle that Alejandro put in “Jade’s” drink?

22 days 11 hours ago

Unless all this is a trap to get rid of Spears!? Alejandro is in on it with HQ

21 days 7 hours ago

Is it possible that there is a conspiracy here? Agent Spears’ boss may be a double-agent, and giving Agent Spears in trade for the launch codes? This, to me, does not sound logical at all.