Transition Update 9: Day 560 – Facial Feminization Surgery

By | December 6, 2016


Well, it’s been a little over six weeks since I had facial feminization surgery with Dr. Spiegel in Boston. I wouldn’t say I’m fully recovered yet, especially in places where scars are still clear. However, I’m feeling and looking way better than I was!


The recovery for the surgery was pretty rough. I took two and half weeks off from work and looked like a mess during that time. In the first few days I was so swollen I could barely see, drink, eat, or talk. Heck, it took two weeks to be able to start eating solid food again. The picture on the right was me three days after surgery.

I stayed overnight at the hospital after the surgery. My first night back at home ended up with me getting a slight infection, a fever of 103, and me needing to go to the ER. Fortunately, I had my dad and sister take turns spending time at my house to take care of me for the first week or so.

One of the good parts of how the FFS was done by Dr. Spiegel was that out of the ten incisions I had, seven of them were inside my mouth. Sure it made eating and talking a real pain for a few weeks, but all those scars won’t be all over my face. The worst of the incisions is about 14 inches long and extends from the top of one ear, goes across my hairline, and goes all the way to the top of my other ear. Also, my scalp will still be numb for about 6 to 8 months.

It’s striking to see the before and after pictures of the different angles of my face. You can see the differences the most in my nose, brow depth, chin, cheeks, and jawline. This may not be 100% how I end up looking since I’m still only six weeks post op. I did these before and after pictures with a relaxed face so you could more clearly see the details.

before and after

I have one other last bit of good news. My next next surgery, breast augmentation, got moved up three weeks by the doctor and I’ll be having it in just one month from today! Here’s hoping that recovery should be a bit easier than what I just went through. I’m really excited for it!

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Profile photo of James Caras
4 days 6 hours ago

You look beautiful, Sam, and don’t let anybody tell you different.

Profile photo of zugzig
12 days 13 hours ago

please update on your progress soon!! we just want to see how well you are doing

Profile photo of Cindy
17 days 11 hours ago

Question on cheek implants… I was told HRT fills in your cheeks… did you not want to wait, or was there no chance for HRT to make enough of a change?
Also would love an update, hope you’re healed and loving your new face.

Profile photo of stardiver1
21 days 8 hours ago

so how are things this days? did the scars finally heal? How about some new pics?

Profile photo of Stuart R
24 days 14 hours ago

Looking really good if I’m allowed to say that. What happens next?

Profile photo of yeah007
1 month 9 days ago

Alright well you haven’t done any updates for us in a bit. So what has happened with you?

Profile photo of Sophielynne
1 month 10 days ago


Profile photo of roadwar32
1 month 12 days ago

you look great.he did a great job.

Profile photo of Washu
1 month 12 days ago

Sam just wondering when the next transition update will be.

Profile photo of Michael
1 month 12 days ago

Next Update please

Profile photo of ShawnRedgrave
1 month 17 days ago

Absolutely lovely! =)

Profile photo of Avi0627
1 month 18 days ago

Hey there!
When will you post Update 10? 🙂

Profile photo of Myrah hearts
1 month 20 days ago

you look awsome and i im glad for you for your progress im a 1 and half in my transtoin

Profile photo of Tinisteph
1 month 23 days ago

When are you doing a new update to see how you look now

Profile photo of jrca
1 month 24 days ago

Hey when is your next update girl, it’s always exciting to see the amazing progress, you look beautiful 😊

Profile photo of argusceo
1 month 6 hours ago

Aye – we’ll hope for the best, and let Samantha share with us in her own time.