The King’s Heirs 8

By | August 7, 2019

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2 years ago

so this was the time that they tried to integrate the societys

4 years ago

Oh Piper was a Twin? I-…ohhhhhh…

O~O; well…

The Emerald Panther
4 years ago

Seeing Alistair and Sylvana before they end up as statues, gives us an idea on what Alistair will look like after he cures himself in Awakening.
I’m speechless with how well Sarah Wiedenheft did with young Desmond, not mentioning how well she also voices Ivy.
Am I the only one to notice all the dual roles in the credits?
Sylvana’s eyes appear a purplish blue here, while in Awakening they’re red.
If only Amber could see them now.

Reply to  The Emerald Panther
3 years ago

She would be devastated at the monster her mother had become

4 years ago

Yay! The Dawn and Desmond ship has officially set sail! Also, I miss the good version of Sylvana, despite only seeing her this once.

4 years ago

hidden love is slowly coming back for dawn and her sorceror knight.

4 years ago

Since Dawn was revealed to be the next queen of the throne, it’s unknown what she thinks of this returned memory now as she stated she didn’t want to be king, but she didn’t say anything about not wanting to be queen. We already know Talia is a spoiled princess that only wants things her way regardless of potential repercussions that may occur. Theoretically, she may have been the reason the attempted alliance between sorcerers and non-bloods failed because she didn’t like the idea of sorcerers and non-bloods living and working together (she may have thought sorcerers are only good… Read more »

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Chromer
3 years ago

Probably so.

James Caras
4 years ago

Starcrossed lovers

4 years ago

Who’s the voice of Amber? And Dawn wasn’t wearing a white dress in the memory, like what Desmond said in the memory.

Reply to  mickayla
4 years ago

Michele Knotz voices Amber and maybe that was an error.