The King’s Heirs 2

By | June 27, 2016

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Bennett LeLacques
3 years ago

My goodness, Alistair demonstrates that he needed to learn some painful lessons about “diplomacy” and “persuasion” in the immediate aftermath of his curse…

5 years ago

ok so i say this with deep respect and care, I’d sign a paper saying that its only to be kind, but the background silhouettes do give the scene some real life flavor, it would also help to have those nicely added in people wear something a bit more connected to the time period, the designs for the foreground characters like Duncan do look fitting, I want her dressssss

6 years ago

“Come Back Here God Damn It” says the magical fox

6 years ago

“What?!? You want me to wear a dress?! Never! I’ll do no such thing!”

Well Ex-CUUUUUUUSE ME, Princess!

6 years ago

Well, it seems unreasonable that Duncan would be so unwilling to accept the fact that he is now a princess, considering the fact that he wanted a way out of becoming King. What better way than to become a Princess?

6 years ago

You actually have a voice actor named alastair? Thats funny

Reply to  Matt
6 years ago

Xp I know riight

7 years ago

The easy one is done now for the fun

7 years ago

Holy shit, Fox is so savage and sassy here <3

Reply to  mandm
6 years ago

He’s new to this