The King’s Heirs 11: The Finale

By | March 17, 2020

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Annabeth Raine
1 year ago

I have to say, I wish we got to learn why Alastair hates the wellingtons so much, I mean all we got to learn is that they visited to sign a peace treaty and then the wellingtons were cursed and Alastair hates them. I wish we got more context

1 year ago

i would love to see a family tree at sometime that would be cool

2 years ago

boy it’s nice to see a story from this time in history . it makes me feel that i was right there with them through out the entire story . what a wonderful job sam and crew keep up the great work .

2 years ago

so if they had kids the wellingtons would be sorcerers?
and what went wrong with the revealing of sorcers to the nonbloods by there mother ?
so many questions
what happened to alistars kids
how did his first daughter die ? (i say first maybe she was the second)
definitely need storys between 1458 and 2006

Last edited 2 years ago by user
2 years ago

Talia’s biggest mistake last episode was leaving her dagger stabbed in her mother’s corpse, otherwise she would have not been left defenseless after Noah broke her sword. However, I believe even that dagger would not be useful in that moment. Talia also gravely underestimated Alastair’s youngest children probably because she saws them as worthless and weak sorcerers that are not worth her time.

3 years ago

Noah’s Talia take down is so awesome.

Inquisitor Two
3 years ago

I was hoping Thalia’s coup would succeed… maybe it’s just how revealing Dawn’s dress is that makes me dislike her so much, maybe it’s the way she styles her hair, or maybe it’s just how emotionally weak she is, but I was looking forward to watching her execution.
The duel was fun, though.

Inquisitor Two
Reply to  Inquisitor Two
3 years ago

I felt things were about to get good when I saw the two princesses facing each other sword in hand.

4 years ago

You cant leave me like this. ;-;
Do they end up being together? I NEED MORE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

But I love this series so much. Its one of my favorite you have done. Great job!!!

James Caras
Reply to  Heath
4 years ago

I agree. There should be a sequel or follow up. Desmond and Dawn would make a cute couple
and it would mend fences between the Huntington and Wellington families.

Reply to  Heath
2 years ago


D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  Heath
4 months ago

I would watch that