The King’s Heirs 1

By | March 30, 2016

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1 month ago

Why TF are they wearing full plate mail?

6 months ago

the accents just make me internally cringe

3 years ago

Tristan? Elder brother passing and the next one getting the throne, and an impossible task in between? Do I spot another Stardust fan here? I love it!!!!

beef jerky
3 years ago

spoiler alert the main character becomes a woman

Reply to  beef jerky
6 months ago

fuck now i cant watch it

3 years ago

The king has the worst voice actor… ever!

Bradley Massey
3 years ago

So what do we know of the Fox’s curse so far?

3 years ago

I love how you actually have real plot and intrigue! I just became a subscriber and I love your videos, they’re awesome!

3 years ago

XD The Knights sound like storm troopers and I love it

4 years ago

…Is posting this too obvious?

Ah, I’mma do it anyway.

4 years ago

Why does the video take so long to load

4 years ago

Heresy/Heretic – You use these words a lot King Douche-bag, I do not think the mean what you think they mean 🙂

4 years ago

I hope the 3 boys turn out as beautiful as Grace!

Reply to  EMLC3690
3 years ago

I hope there normal girls exempt the youngest I hope you turned into a fat girl. With a ass the the size of a doorway

4 years ago

Very cool. I really enjoyed the teleportation animations you’ve done. The story seems neat so far. Maybe could you write in the description a short summary of the history of the land and family or something like that. Any good details that you didn’t want to animate i suppose. Either way, fun new story to look forward to.

4 years ago

This is a dumb thing to complain about so don’t take this too seriously. 😛 The Knight’s that were sent to gather the Prince might have been authorized by the King to use force to bring him. Like, carefully drag him out type force. They would not be authorized to even threaten him with a sword though. That’s the Crown Prince. Threatening him with any kind of violence (let alone deadly violence) is basically treason. If the Prince refused to go with the Knights and they couldn’t convince him otherwise the most likely thing to happen would be that they… Read more »

4 years ago

hey can someone please help me out.I know this isn’t going to work but I have to try can someone with a subscribed account please give it to me