Stars, Bars, and Stripes Episode 3

By | April 7, 2018

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1 month ago

They could have just gotten a less expensive car…

1 year ago

3:46 to understand my feeling about what i just saw please watch the Cleveland show season 1 episode 7 15:05

1 year ago

as daisy approach’s the river……she puts on the emergency brake……..they get out…and pushes the car into the water………just saying……!!!!

2 years ago

Ghost skin please !!
Breast + Hip and Ass + Crotch = Awesomeness <= Is that even a word ?!

2 years ago

These guys are so unruthless for criminals

2 years ago

The only thing that would have made this more sexy is if she would have licked that off her finger. By far a cute girl in a sweater dress makes my day.

2 years ago

love it

Fred Pizza
2 years ago


Pirate Billie
2 years ago

So far this is rapidly becoming a rather sweet, gay, romance story. There are probably clues in the first episode regarding what is to come. My guess is this so far……… The guy, Mason stumbled into the home of a witch. She transformed into a cat to avoid danger and publicity. She allowed him to grab a few things and take off, as the quickest, and easiest way to get rid of him and the cops. Being both annoyed- but also amused, by his choice to drag out, she gave him a little magical “boost” of “girl power”. ( the… Read more »

Reply to  Pirate Billie
2 years ago

As for the BJ he probably became a expert in prison or had to become a expert or else. As for swallowing it is less messy than spitting and you you only have to taste it once.

2 years ago

This series keeps getting better as does the voice acting and the animation. I was very not real on board at first but you got me hooked now.

2 years ago

Love love this series. Please no magic. Can’t wait to see what gifts Daisy received.

Reply to  chrisc3616tv
2 years ago

Because you can’t imagine they are undergarments and/or clothes ?

2 years ago

Animation bug ._.._.

Levi D Dalv
2 years ago

McBride, interesting choice of last name the ‘Fiance’ picked out.

2 years ago

Why do I find this so hot?!

Jilly Sophie
2 years ago

I’m guessing more silly gel…