Shifting Roommates Page 213

By | May 16, 2014

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1 month ago

i am glad that jamie is getting to hangout with her new girlfriends grace and heather . wonder if jamie will accept their offer to hangout outside work because she really needs to kick back and take it easy for a while and de stress from everything that she has gone through lately .

4 years ago

Love Jamie hanging with her gal pals. It’s certainly more entertaining than watching Barb scheme her way to a permanent relationship to Scott

D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  TheDarkNeon
1 year ago

Agreed. Barbra is a pos, an ungrateful pos.

8 years ago

now be more ruby in the jamie.ruthless women to avenge men and women.

8 years ago

Why am i so compelled to wish that grace has a bi side and a spa becomes more… i don’t want to stereotype (just as he does) but the look and the way the character is portrayed screams, rebel flair and to hell with convention, and she’ll do what she likes whether it fits “the norm” … anyways just my thoughts out loud, and it might lead jamie to sort her preferences out girls/boys/both/trans … the possibilities are endless

8 years ago

The story has been really good up until Jamie was complete. Some pages can be cut as they feel like “filler” episodes or writers block. Current pages have been anticlimactic. Again you do excellent work. Just my two cents….

8 years ago

Know what? I don’t agree with that. I don’t mind these comics that make it longer. It’s good to know the small facts to get to know Jamie a little more i.e. how she’s settling into her new body, her relationship with Barbara and Scott, her new job, etc.
I don’t think it’s dragging at all. But this is just one man’s opinion.

Reply to  malcolm90
8 years ago

Maybe Jamie helps another “victim” of the Fox transition. Maybe we see a flashback that shows that Grace was once “Graham.”

There’s tons of places this thing can go. Be patient and trust the creator people.

8 years ago

jamie needs some romance….someone needs to do something to get it started……scott……or a co-worker… somebodyyyyyyyyy…..

8 years ago

Yep I haven’t been shy about expressing my opinion in the past but the simple fact is you can’t please all the people all the time so just try to please yourself or it’ll turn from something you enjoy doing to something you feel your forced to do and that’d be a shame.

Reply to  Senko
8 years ago

Hear hear!!

8 years ago

Write as much as you want, cut what you want. I look forward every day to the strip. It’s your story. You’re getting tons more feedback than normal because it’s being parceled out and commented on a few sentences at a time. Please don’t allow folks who think that gives them the right to tell you how the story should go, or what pace you should take with it to influence your thinking too much. I’m sure I speak for the vast majority who are enjoying the ride, wherever and whenever it goes.

Reply to  Ladymystral
8 years ago

I totally agree, we read and watch all your animations because they effect us emotionally sometimes with sheer joy and sometimes with anger but with all good writers we will always come back. You should always write the way you want as from the heart is always best. Good luck with all your future stories, some will be better than others but all worth reading xxxx

8 years ago

Bikinis 🙂

8 years ago

Don’t cut to much out. While some may think it’s drawn out others like it. And remember only those who don’t like something complain. Those who like just enjoy and say nothing. Please don’t fall into the trap of the vocal few are voicing things for everyone

Cut it if YOU felt its right. Not to appease those few.

It’s do rare to have a story of after the transition and you only 12 page s and it’s to much?

This is good IMHO. Seeing Jamie adjust is great
Upto page 200 was only half the story

Reply to  SandraC
8 years ago

What she said.

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  xorro
8 years ago

I agree, just because people don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to oblige, the story needs to end nicely you can’t just have the transformation and then end it, the story is also about how Jamie adapts to that, and if that is a date with someone, tell it.

Saint Iggy
Reply to  SandraC
8 years ago

Couldn’t agree with this more

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 years ago

If the arc does not develop Jamie’s character and is truly fluff then it’s fine if you decide to remove it. On the flip side the nice thing about the story is we get to go along with Jamie’s change. if there is a way to tell the same story arc but in fewer pages then maybe it can still enhance the story. the worst part is if that arc does explain something that happens either before or after it then loosing it should not happen if it doesn’t then remove it. again the concern I always have if you… Read more »

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  SandraC
8 years ago

Exactly becoming a woman was only half the story… what happens and why…..

8 years ago

Awesome job as always! Keep up the great work!

8 years ago

Yea, this office banter really doesn’t have much to do with the ulterior plot-line of SF’s.

8 years ago

The white suit is still the best

Reply to  benje10
8 years ago

Yes, we need more Grace.

8 years ago

More and more intriguing. Great work, as usual.