Oh Sister Where Art Thou?

By | November 27, 2019

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20 Comments on "Oh Sister Where Art Thou?"

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3 days 6 hours ago

“Thinks he’s in charge just because he’s a man”
Or maybe it’s because unlike Mia he’s more subtle than a nuclear explosion and won’t leave as obvious a trail for the cops to follow right to them.

5 days 18 hours ago

This should be a series really. Its a great start! Its a little different from the rest and that’s fine. Unimaginative people like seeing the same thing over and over.

9 days 13 hours ago

I will say, definitely feels like a different writer, yeah, partially just by where the writing emphasis is placed.

There’s one cis woman. One man forced into a transformation. One trans woman who’s like “lemme in on that shit”.

Feels like a lot of the writing focus is on the cis woman (most voice lines, most fleshed out personality, including really distinct flaws). Which is…a change of pace in sapphirefoxx writing. (There’s often a supporting cis female character who aids people through a transformation, but it’s rare for them to stand out).

14 days 14 hours ago

If only gas prices were 15 cents a gallon today.
I was in Dallas a few months ago and the countryside looks just like the background of when they were in the car.
I’m surprised that they didn’t take the money out of the cash register.
Congratulations to Emily, I’m excited to see more of her work.
Is there a name for the miniseries Emily is working on?

14 days 17 hours ago

Your sister is a great writer and those voice actresses are top shelf.

15 days 8 hours ago

great Video!!

15 days 15 hours ago

This is nice ^^

15 days 18 hours ago

One guy, three girls, boy he’s gonna have a high old time! The time will come though, when it wears him out! You don’t need 3 to wear you out, just one highly sexed one.

15 days 19 hours ago

I could not find a general discussion section not tied to a specific comic page or video so I am just going to announce this here: I am happy to announce that in early February, I am finally going to be having my bottom surgery! For those that may not know what that means, the surgeon will be turning the pee pee into a vha-jay-jay (Dr Bailey’s word on Grey’s Anatomy, not mine) Oh the days cannot go by fast enough now.

16 days 2 hours ago

Your sister did such a good job

16 days 3 hours ago

Ho it was really amazing 🙂
I loved how accurate their underwear are 🙂
I wish we could have more like this 🙂

16 days 4 hours ago

Curious if the necklace being worn longer caused mental changes

15 days 21 hours ago

Or Bucket had the gender curse all along. Turning into Betty made him come out of the shell.

16 days 5 hours ago

Betty is such a sweet lady.

16 days 6 hours ago

On the other hand, they can use this “curse / gift” as a advantage, especially Betty is enjoying her new life

16 days 6 hours ago

Impatience and impoliteness is a big mistake