Matchmaker Episode 3

By | September 17, 2016

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1 year ago

It’s funny near the end when Christina tells Chris “his” only way out of this is if he transforms into their mom to go get a new dress fitted. She totally turned things around to make it seem like it was his fault the dress was ruined in the first place, lol.

3 years ago

0:54 anime camera angles

3 years ago

Jessica is so nice now

Reply to  Zavha0
3 years ago

And her voice is so… deepish weird ness

3 years ago

I feel like this is not the holly from before xD this is totally a character change. I love my girl Holly.

4 years ago

4;00 that can so be interpit wrong

4 years ago

I don’t know if you’ve been to Seattle but our beaches aren’t sandy they’re rocky

5 years ago

Nice c418 music at the start

5 years ago

Is it possible that I’m a part of a bloodline? I’ve read my friends mind more than a dozen times this past week. He says to get out of my head and I’m not doing it on purpose.

5 years ago

Why is Chris such a pushover?

Shmorgen Heckingard
5 years ago

Could I just get an mp4 of this, edit out the pauses in dialogue, then send it back to you? Plus, if it somehow ends up on youtube, you know where the leak came from and can ban my account/ billing information.

Shadow Doctrine
5 years ago

I miss so much and wow!

5 years ago

Why can’t Isabelle just fix it?

5 years ago

you think the bridle shop would already have her measurements??

5 years ago

Why not make an episode when Chirs transforms into Kayla becuse he just had an oppertunity to do it and try it out??, That would be awesome!

5 years ago

I love to see Chris transform into Scarlett. I also like Chris transform into Miss Turner again too.