Love For A Price – Episode 8

By | August 27, 2021

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5 days ago

Glenn’s father ends up being a example of characters in this universe that don’t deserve to be parents due to certain events occurring in their lives that change them for the worst. Another would probably be Russel from Maker’s Game.

9 months ago

Both Leanna mentioning this “magical beast” and the dragon from The Heist series have got me wondering. Does the sorcerer world have its own unique biota in a similar way to Kaimere?
If so, I’d LOVE to see more of it. Imagine a magical stegosaur fending off a pack of predatory ceratopsians, or a giant marsupial mammal that fills the niche of a ground sloth? The possibilities are endless!

11 months ago

I love Lo of your animations and artwork. You have an amazing talent at bringing these characters to life. The stories are very erotic and I love Love For A Price a lot among many others. I am straight and love women, but your cartoons still are very erotic, guys becoming women etc. It is a fetish.

Hellen (Ellen) W.
1 year ago

don’t like the idea that sexuality changes tbh. I prefer to see it as discovering their sexuality

Reply to  Hellen (Ellen) W.
5 months ago

It could be that Anya was misunderstanding the situation, considering “Caroline” was a fragment of a soul imprinting onto someone else, and its likely her sexuality overpowering his.

But that’s just a theory…A FOXX THEORY!

Hellen (Ellen) W.
Reply to  evelynnrose
3 months ago

True but still it is kinda often that straight men become straight woman I know it is to please the fetish of the man that read this but it would be nice if from time to time it was rediscovery and or other sexualities. Even in the most recent one of this they plsy with the Idea of lesbians but throw that away by making them think of their employers package. It would be nice if they ended up in other relationships more often. Only time I recall this happening is in cinders Isles and maybe fractured. I don’t mind… Read more »

1 year ago

It is unknown what became of Glenn’s father after this memory. He is either still alive but still drinking away or he already died from drinking too much. If Glenn needs to have new family/friends to fill the void in his heart, then he should do so. He also should get an arcane pet to keep him in company in times of need.

Last edited 1 year ago by Chromer
Zack Davidson
1 year ago

yo its caroline

James Caras
1 year ago

Do I hear Two Sexy Errors in the background ?

1 year ago

The first half of this was great! The second half was…weird, but not in a bad way.