Love For A Price – Episode 4

By | June 27, 2020

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3 months ago

What was with the blacksmith job so mean spirited?

4 months ago

so youre telling me these wizards have all their magicky shit and are soooo advanced, but they still havent managed to introduce a basic european style healthcare system? this series essentially suffers from the same problem breaking bad does with its entire cause… no offense 😀

5 months ago

Who is using that many pieces of armor? Is their a sorcerer war going on that we don’t know about?

If she’s already old and in a very late stage of disease shouldn’t they just let her pass?

5 months ago

Give her a cane

6 months ago

i am loving this series when is the next one?

6 months ago

You’d think that the Magic community would have moved past a for-profit system.

Last edited 6 months ago by varcolac352
D The Weeb To Magic Girl Dee
Reply to  varcolac352
5 months ago

I would figured that too…..

6 months ago

Oh shit new comment section! Ive been away for a while because of money problems, but i came to see what was new and i guess its this!

Damian Kaiser-Crompton
6 months ago

Aydin made the right choice to go back and ask for a second go. I hope his ferret friend will not bite his head off…. but Aydin is old enough to be allowed and should have the right to make his own decisions without some animal treating him like he is her own child -.-

6 months ago

I am a care giver to Alzheimers and dementia patients and it was nice to see it is in this world of yours

The Emerald Panther
6 months ago

I’m surprised that no one noticed that Aydin forgot to close his locker.
I wonder how Kira will react once she finds out that Aydin changed his mind.

Reply to  The Emerald Panther
6 months ago

Not only that, but his gear’s on the floor. To be fair, he did get a notice of a family emergency.

Ferret’s gonna be maaaaaad.

Inquisitor Two
Reply to  The Emerald Panther
6 months ago

It’s not like someone so poor he can’t even afford medical care will have anything of value in his locker… who wants to steal some random orange T-shirt and some ferret rations?

6 months ago

5:40, is that Chris in the background? When does this fall on the timeline?

Dani Franny Cami
Reply to  evelynnrose
6 months ago

I’m not sure, he seems to be a bit thin if he is Chris.

6 months ago

6:03 – wheres the candle stick maker , you have the baker, the butcher…

6 months ago

Seems a minor price to pay for good money and funds needed to help his mother. Just walking around in a transformed body being friendly and seeing if anything developes, seems a lot better than working for that overbearing forge.

6 months ago

That slightly angeled from above shot was done really quite beautifully.
I am impressed!

Aaron R Wilson
6 months ago

Me as Aydin: 😡 I am not pleased with this decision. As soon as I find a better deal I’m gone. Being another man’s woman really enrages me.