I don’t want suspicious charges showing up on my statements.

I understand that most people want to keep their “interests” private, so all payments to this site show up as “SF Creative Arts”.

You can hide this altogether from your credit card/bank account statements by adding money to your PayPal account, then paying from your PayPal balance.


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1 year ago

My account said sapphirefoxx.com and I wanted to hide it and now I can’t thanks

Lets Not
1 year ago

My account statement said sapphirefoxx dover, soo is that new

1 year ago


4 years ago

I think you should change the name or delete this page altogether because if someone sees and Googles
“SF Creative Arts” this website will be on the first results on Google

Shadow Doctrine
8 years ago

My Account confirms I paid you three times on dates 06-03, 06-02, and 05-30.
That’s $15 for one month subscription.
I request your assistance on these payments but I got taken the third time. Please correct this error by not charging me for three months subscription (June, July and August). I have closed my Visa ending 1885 and I will keep opened my PayPal for now. If I no reply or this not corrected within two week from today. I will close my account.