Godmother Page 321

By | November 28, 2018

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25 days ago


1 month ago

It really annoys me that Lorenzo didn’t get to change back.
I really would like it if these comics and animations stopped have forced changes were the person who is changed doesn’t get to change back.

2 months ago

I enjoyed the whole story of “Godmother.” I was wondering if Lorenza was going to stay the way she was, or if Anya would recognize that she had been changed and somehow magick Oliver to remember that she was actually Lorenzo the wolf (as I call him). I liked how you did an MCU kind of thing, using Lorraine and her family to introduce your next feature. If I were to have any criticism, it would be that all your characters are too good looking. Certainly, I would want to look like one of them, but most of us are… Read more »

1 year ago

so they went back in time???

1 year ago

Quick Note: St. John is in New Brunswick, St. John’s is in Newfoundland.

1 year ago

ohhohohhohhoh noice

1 year ago

Poor Lorenzo he´s stuck in i a terrible sweet nightmare.

Reply to  Lemniskate
1 year ago

Also Ariana may be stuck as well we don’t find out what happened to her or the construct Elsa made to replace Andre.

D The Weeb
Reply to  Jaybird
2 months ago

At least she has her old memories. lol

1 year ago

WOW How Sweet !!!!

1 year ago

What manner of weird Faerie creature is that in the bottom half? If it is meant to be Caroline as a child the proportions are horrible, I’m glad to see the back of this one, it dragged far too much, although I liked the ending. Please try to do better at pacing, that’s two comics in a row which had awful pacing, interminable filler sex scenes and too much waffle. The comic doesn’t have to last a year, it doesn’t have to be 300+ pages if the story can comfortably be told in 150 – 200. Overall a decent effort… Read more »

Reply to  Greatsage
9 months ago

It’s an adult but shrank which is why it looks a bit off. It has too much detail, more so than the other characters which distract the brain too much. I can get over it…but what I found more distracting was the jarring time travel to the diner. I can’t tell if it’s time travel or a flashback

D The Weeb
Reply to  alexabae
2 months ago

Yeah, i’ll hope that one day, the character designs for kids are improved, just like everything else has.

1 year ago

What is doing the other Caroline?

1 year ago

Caroline is the most beautiful character I have seen until now in these stories.

1 year ago

Like with the other comics, I’m very much inclined to give my thoughts on all of “Godmother” now that it’s complete. In a lot of ways, I feel that “Godmother” is the opposite you were going for in “Maker’s Game” – where that was meant to be a sprawling epic with a vast fantasy world and lots of main characters, “Godmother” felt down to earth, low stakes (most of the time) and only a few characters that get a ton of development. I feel that these are your most fleshed out and developed characters to date, especially in the case… Read more »

1 year ago

Great job! This was a great story and I am really excited for a trip to Cinder Isle!

Heather Rose
1 year ago

Jump into your DeLorean and say hello to Doc Brown. Next stop Cinder Isle

1 year ago

i feel like the bottom half is the new comic like a glimpse but in a way like a flash back or something but i could be wrong