Godmother Page 310

By | November 17, 2018

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23 Comments on "Godmother Page 310"

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4 hours 38 minutes ago

don’t forget, Lori’s ex is nearby and he still cares for her, and we don’t know how powerful he is

6 hours 17 minutes ago

this doesn’t look good for Lorraine……hope she doesn’t get hurt…..Elsa……deserves to be so badly mangled no one would recognize her…..and her life snuffed out…………POOF……..just saying…!!!!!

7 hours 23 minutes ago

The fox should help

7 hours 19 minutes ago

I imagine her exhusband will help. He is a blood afterall.

7 hours 17 minutes ago

The white witch damaged the soul fragments and she deserve something very bad I think

7 hours 29 minutes ago

Quick Lorraine! Use Reflect!

50 minutes 47 seconds ago

Are you nuts? This is clearly a special attack, she needs to use Mirror Coat xD

7 hours 37 minutes ago

considering that Elsa is a diamond bloodline she is putting up a pretty good fight lets just hope for Lorraine that Elsa hasn’t achieved her mastery spell

6 hours 58 minutes ago

Sam earlier established in Different Perspectives that Dantelle from the same comic is the only non-statue character that can use a Mastery Spell. Alastair and Sylvana both can use Mastery Spells, but are (currently) in statue form.

8 hours 45 minutes ago

If she was going to curse her, she should have immediately turned her into something that would neutralize her powers.

7 hours 11 minutes ago

Like a plant?

8 hours 52 minutes ago

where is the fox and isibel because it looks bad for Lorraine . Lorraine use blood magic Please

9 hours 42 seconds ago

Im afraid Lorraine may have found her match or maybe even outgunned. But I still hope Lorraine is smarter and stronger and will be able to defeat Elsa. This is the Battle of the Titans!!!

7 hours 35 minutes ago

Lorraine should have the advantage in terms of bloodlines because Elsa is a diamond which is the weakest at combat unless she has achieved her mastery spell

9 hours 23 minutes ago

Where’s DSC when you need them…

7 hours 10 minutes ago

Like the police?

9 hours 27 minutes ago


9 hours 37 minutes ago

I hope She won’t be cursed or worse. 🙁 That bad witch must pay forever. I think so.

9 hours 47 minutes ago

I’m going to assume that void magic is bad?

47 minutes 33 seconds ago

Very bad i would assume

9 hours 54 minutes ago

Chances are high that Lorraine will need to use blood magic to gain a better advantage

10 hours 16 minutes ago

oh shit lorraine please don’t get hurt 🙁 elsa you bitch

10 hours 17 minutes ago

This can’t end well.