Godmother Page 251

By | September 19, 2018

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33 Comments on "Godmother Page 251"

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12 minutes 49 seconds ago

Oliver should have done more PREP FOR THIS!!!

1 hour 29 minutes ago

Geeeez Oliver you dumbass……screw it up for Brooke and your new name will be MUD……..she told you she really wants this job…… <.<

1 hour 30 minutes ago

First he shows he can’t draw, second the owner comes in, “YOU were CAROLINA!!” “You want o be a girl? Zap you’re permanently Olive!!! AND you LOVE it!!!!!!

3 hours 9 minutes ago

Oliver… Oh Oliver… You’re BS skills are pretty piss poor.

But what did we expect? He isn’t a designer or an artist. This wasn’t a good idea from the start.

3 hours 37 minutes ago

The thing is, you baffle yourself with BS Oliver!

4 hours 14 minutes ago

Holy crap I’m glad we are not all that clueless!

4 hours 45 minutes ago

I think Oliver should have opted in to having Brooke’s memories

1 hour 28 minutes ago

agree’s…..to late now……he’ll screw this up for sure

4 hours 47 minutes ago

They should have let this poor girl have something to eat before asking her a hard question like this. But i guess at the end of the day she has her looks to get though life on.
Also kids this is why you don’t min/max your stats.

5 hours 15 minutes ago

Oliver you are making her look bad.

5 hours 31 minutes ago

Yep, he’s boned…and he hasn’t even met Elsa yet.

7 hours 25 minutes ago

Oh my gosh this was doomed from the get go…🤦‍♀️

7 hours 33 minutes ago

I wrote a few pages back that Brooke should have gone to the interview and for her to send him was stupid on her part.

8 hours 15 minutes ago

I do not blame Oliver, he was sent in without proper preparation.

The good news is he’s rocking a super cute outfit. Lol

8 hours 20 minutes ago

Next line is you’re very pretty have you thought about being a model!?

8 hours 50 minutes ago

Brooke won’t be happy, but it’s her own fault