Godmother Page 243

By | September 11, 2018

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18 Comments on "Godmother Page 243"

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7 days 23 hours ago


11 days 7 hours ago

I love how Anya is such a good girl and left the two to have fun.

But I loved how Xavier messed with the characters in Getting into Character.

11 days 13 hours ago

Ain’t Love GRAND!!!!!!
A.L.G. 4everyone!

11 days 20 hours ago

What is Brooke’s idea.

11 days 21 hours ago

why does oliver still have such a round ass LOL

11 days 11 hours ago

He works those glutes! 🙂

11 days 23 hours ago

Looks like everything is Ok. Giggity!

12 days 13 minutes ago

It’s about time!!!

12 days 26 minutes ago

Brooke: Mm… Oliver….
Oliver: Yes Brooke…
Brooke: Caroline could come out and play for a while too ~giggle~ if she wanted…

11 days 16 hours ago

Penny in the air…

12 days 34 minutes ago

It looks like this is gonna be a while folks. Although Brooke is so cute and all with that innocent girl look I still want Caroline to come back because she is sooo hot and not afraid to go on the wild side, a porn star in the making.

12 days 31 minutes ago

My idea ending involves Oliver wishing for that

12 days 40 minutes ago

Yeah… everyone is happy!

12 days 41 minutes ago

Curse him! He knows the secrets of the universe!!!

12 days 50 minutes ago

He isn’t Caroline and the woman isn’t Nydia.

12 days 1 hour ago

I knew it paranoia

12 days 1 hour ago

243 pages is much of a foreplay… 🙂

12 days 1 hour ago

awe and yay 4 oli and brooke