Godmother Page 100

By | April 21, 2018

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28 Comments on "Godmother Page 100"

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32 minutes 46 seconds ago

Huh, not one non-blood in the Izzy & co picture

1 hour 35 minutes ago

Izzy as a model… Oh yeah, make it happen someday…

1 hour 59 minutes ago

Lorenzo is totally twisting the truth and Oliver is getting mad…wait until Caroline comes out

2 hours 48 minutes ago

gorgeous spoof there with Isabelle.

3 hours 1 minute ago

It’s interesting to see just how little you had to do to get that totally different characters illustration!

3 hours 6 minutes ago

Isabelle would be a “monster”‘ as a model! Any gig Isabelle wants, she gets! 8-)) The Magic Misuse cops would be all over her, if she wasn’t very discreet.

3 hours 12 minutes ago

This reminds me, Is there a short story with Jessica and Christina? Their breast resizing might trigger a reaction or two. The reactions might even be amusing!

3 hours 18 minutes ago

Congrats on yet another 100 page milestone Sam!

3 hours 19 minutes ago

You’ve had quite a few versions of the cover, Sam. I think the last one had 5 people watching the woman on the runway and the first one had two, if I remember right.

3 hours 47 minutes ago

*noise maker and confetti*


3 hours 52 minutes ago

Isabelle in a gown is so good! More gowns! 😀

4 hours 38 minutes ago

yeh Isabelle as she should be

5 hours 22 minutes ago

Love the idea on the picture

5 hours 30 minutes ago

One these days Lorenzo’s sins are going to catch up with him.
Exploiting women is wrong no matter what the reason is.

5 hours 32 minutes ago

Isabelle always looks good in blue.

3 hours 31 minutes ago

Red just wouldn’t work. 😎