Full Service – Episode 8

By | July 17, 2021

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Ayano Minami
27 days ago

thanks saphirefox

James Caras
3 months ago

Major snag #1:Juan and Jazmine can’t be in the same place as separate people.

4 months ago

Her waist is narrower than ONE of her breasts, even for this site those proportions are ridiculous.

4 months ago

it smacks of marriage in sight between these two lovebirds!

Aaron R Wilson
Reply to  EricaRust
4 months ago

Marriage? I’m not falling for that trap, f love romance for marriage

4 months ago

This one felt like a breeze to watch but man Jasmine’s literally climbed my top tier Sapphire Gals.

4 months ago

At 2:07, Jasmine is wearing panties. At 2:22, she is not?

4 months ago

It will then go to “the night of their lives” as hinted by the preview image that was for episode 9, but was shown as episode 8’s preview image instead.

Zack Davis
4 months ago

It’s not working it says I don’t have a subscription but I do I live in the USA

Reply to  Zack Davis
4 months ago

It probably doesnt work because you don’t have a supscription

JD Washington
4 months ago

For both of their sakes, Jazmin should really confess to Clayton about her secret before their situation gets even more complicated.

I mean, just look what is happening in Favors and Followers. Perfect example of what NOT to do if you’re dating someone while using another identity.

James Caras
Reply to  JD Washington
4 months ago

I couldn’t agree more. This is where honesty would be the best policy.
I hope Clayton would understand.

Reply to  JD Washington
4 months ago

I feel like F&F is totally situation considering how magic is involved

Reply to  Matt
4 months ago

But i can definitely see the similarities