Fractured Page 270

By | July 31, 2016

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Bennett LeLacques
1 month ago

Good writing advice, there…!

2 years ago

Very nice girly scene <3 !

2 years ago

I love by that writing tip A-LOT. It really helps to get the main plot points you thought of out of the way to clear your mind to figure out how they connect together like a puzzle you start with the border pieces first.

2 years ago

Stockings? Very FEW women wear nylons any more. I think I’m one of the very rare ones that still do.

3 years ago

I find pitch writing works best for me. I also use things from my own life as a base.

3 years ago

I squirt some lotion into my hand then carefully apply it to my smooth legs. Starting at my toes and applying small amounts as my hands move upwards to my calf. Work the lotion in with a gentle massage, leaving my already soft skin feeling extra silky and moisturized. I do the same on my other leg such that both of my lower legs are feeling soft and silky smooth. Continuing to switch back and forth between each leg I apply more lotion to each. From my calves to my knees. Then to my thighs and beyond. Once both legs… Read more »

Mina Monet
3 years ago


3 years ago

In panel 2 lily has a stump where her left hand should be I noticed this and thought WTF. Anyone else notice this

3 years ago

Was the caption below the comic page supposed to say; “Eva’s looking good in her new work clothes, COURTESY of Lilly.”?

Reply to  JustABird1
3 years ago

I imagine that Lilly was indeed pretty curious about what Eva looks like in these clothes… But yeah, that was a typo. I’ve fixed it.

Reply to  coredumperror
3 years ago

Thank you 🙂 i wasn’t intentionally trying to find flaws in the text, but this one was bugging me.

3 years ago

They shall be known as team evil

Levi D Dalv
3 years ago

Yep, sounds about right for writing, doing books, I do what I know and then fill in the spaces later.

3 years ago

R u going to make them a couple?

Levi D Dalv
3 years ago

Looks like two girls are bonding over clothes and stockings, guess Lilly is trying not to reveal her male part, and with Eva still into girls, they are not trying to get too close.

3 years ago

Can you do a house tour when u reach a milestone on here or YouTube

James Caras
3 years ago