Fractured Page 222

By | June 13, 2016

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1 month ago

well look at eva being the smart sensible one she stopped the fight before it even started. now that’s using you brain eva.

5 years ago

Oddly, even though the four agreed to never tell Lindsay about them being the ones who bullied her, she ends up knowing about this as near the end of the comic and surprisingly enough she already forgives them for that as well.

6 years ago

On one hand, they decided not to harm Lindsey. On the other hand, dishonesty. There is nothing but gray area here. It’s so… refreshing.

6 years ago

GHAAaaa too much egghead talk thud XwX ( falls face first flank sticks in air ) Mister sueloo : Oh MY!!!

6 years ago

So blake still has a penis? What about evan and kyle and lucas?

Reply to  Takumio
6 years ago

Eva and Kailey are women down there, Matt is still holding.

6 years ago

I just wonder how will Eva keep a job if she changes every night at twelve.And will Kailey want a BF as e other part or will one be forced on her?

Reply to  sawdust
6 years ago

Depends if it comes with a memory alteration curse so everyone always remembers her as petite, blonde, tall, DD, A, Asian, African, Irish, etc. Same for Matt actually.

Levi D Dalv
6 years ago

So Kailey isn’t just transformed, she has another curse, this could get interesting.

6 years ago

Just a question- does the randomizer to the curse mean that the the original curse progresses with the additional random element on top of it or does the randomizer trump the original curse with its changes?

Reply to  AZ123-4
6 years ago

Considering the original was only to change them into women and the randomizer is presumably only to alter the new additions Isobelle made I’d way it works on top of them being female.