Fractured Page 221

By | June 12, 2016

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1 month ago

looks like we might get to see a cat fight between lilly and kailey . wonder witch one will win if that happens.

4 years ago

Wallowing in your ownself denial. Toooo bad.

4 years ago

She didn’t do anything to the three of you, huh ? We will soon verify this, Kyle ^_^

6 years ago

I think ,kyle, is in for something,extra,in his looks!

6 years ago

How big are his breasts going to get?

Reply to  dragonlord645
6 years ago

I’d say thats about as big as they’ll get

Reply to  dragonlord645
6 years ago

Big enough to not be able to hide them and make it obvious she’s a woman I’d say. Now then, what’ll these wonderful curses do to them overnight?

Reply to  Jay
6 years ago

X2 make her regret scortching anyone up

James Caras
6 years ago

cat fight!!!!

Levi D Dalv
6 years ago

No pain, no gain, Kailey didn’t feel that (or did she); I am glad that Kailey is sticking to the small breasts. Now it’s time for the clock to strike 12 and for Matthew and Eva to go from Cinderella to Ella.

6 years ago

Hi guys and gals, i’ve seen alot of discussion about gender, identity, sex and even how “the genitals make the man” so to speak. The last time i saw comments like this i exploded and unloaded on the person i saw saying that, and at the time felt justified (and even proud). But this time i feel a sense of disappointment that even on a site about Transgender issues that there are still beliefs like that, and so ingrained into our psyche, but fully understand it I answered in a past survey, on this site, as not identifying as transgender… Read more »

Reply to  Steve-OZ
6 years ago

I think everyone on here with the possible exception of one or two are fully behind you. I believe you have every right to choose how you identify yourself be that man , women , straight or gay and any other possibilities. No matter where you live their will be people who will not except who you are but remain strong and good luck in the future xxxxx