Fractured Page 165

By | April 17, 2016

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2 months ago

evan / eva is really scared about this big problem coming out to the entire world . and i don’t blame the poor kid.

4 years ago

Do you think the men in black also allowed to be leak out!

6 years ago

Of course. The government are jerks. Should’ve seen that one coming.

6 years ago

Also, when extraordinary things happen, the victim might end up a scientific lab rat per some scenarios about supernatural or unexplainable events.

6 years ago

No need to waste time curing them, wipe the phone, job done.

Reply to  game0fyou
6 years ago

Makes sense to me. Phones can also be hacked by other parties.

6 years ago

Battle of a true Hero – Toby Fox

6 years ago

This could really be the foreshadowing for the Hunters Arc, where non-Bloods vow to kill all magic users by using Magical Items for both defense and attack.
The choice that will bite them in the rear some day.
They can even reference a blood war because of magic misuse.
Besides, cultures have made it a rule to kill a witch on sight because of the power divide (Age of Heroes).

6 years ago

I much prefer the White Council’s 10 laws of magic. For which the punishment for the violation of any of said laws, is death.

Reply to  Dukedukington3
4 years ago

sometimes ya gotta make a few examples, its barbaric……. but incredibly effective