Fractured Page 148

By | March 31, 2016

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2 months ago

looks like kailey and lilly are going to be sleeping in the same bed together .

6 years ago

I kinda hope they start to think if they have sex with a man/she male they will change back;-) if anything does happen tonight then he changes back in the morning to a man after having sex as a girl

6 years ago

Since you did a bad job spoiling it in the home page, [Edit by admin]. Please take down that picture for fractured. Ruined the surprise…

Reply to  Midnight-Run
6 years ago

What surprise? Mad Foxx specifically said the switch would only last a day, and we know Mathew’s turning into a woman eventually (and who knows if that’s her final form. I kinda doubt it).

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  coredumperror
6 years ago

I agree it may show what Matthew looks like at some stage, but I doubt that is the full look, as for Evan we all know he was going to turn back, whether he leaves in time is unknown from the picture. As for Lilly and Kyle, only time will tell.

matthew kingston
6 years ago

o it time for girly sleepover time to start sing in to your hair brush can I come round we could do that number from grease o yes matlouise

6 years ago

Lilly is still packing a rocket. So…. XP

Levi D Dalv
6 years ago

I can only imagine what both houses reactions are when Evan wakes up after 9:30 and they both swap back.

6 years ago

I seem to recall Kailey’s silhouette having a belly bump…

Reply to  Solution
6 years ago

Nah, she just has her hips pressed forwards.

Reply to  Josey_14
6 years ago

Or not.

6 years ago

Hey, what is happening with Matthew while all this is going on??
He has a wife and he also has a dad he works for. How will all that go down??
There’s also Isabelle still desperately searching the earth for Alistair’s shattered form.
So much on the backburner!!!!?