Different Perspectives Page 57

By | November 27, 2014

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1 year ago

chris is really starting to think and act just like holly . and holly doesn’t even recognize her own double as carly . i wonder what happens next .

Levi D Dalv
8 years ago

Looks like Holly is looking in a mirror, can’t she recognise her own body.

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  Levi D Dalv
8 years ago

Carly is copying Holly exactly, best way to pretend this is wear a stranger’s bikini or panties…not going to become like someone you know.

8 years ago

Chris is getting smaller and Carly is getting bigger.Who will win?

8 years ago

It’s happening, just as I thought it would. Now that Carly is a woman physically, she’s starting to become one in even more ways. When she was her mom’s twin, it was only for 5 hours. When she was her, she probably started having female thoughts around a couple of hours after her change. She’s probably been Carly for less than an hour and it’s starting again already. And now not only that, but now Carly is not only having the same kind of female thoughts as Holly, but she’s also now starting to pick up walking like a girl,… Read more »

Reply to  Cartoonist
8 years ago

Well remember when Chris first looked like Holly he play with it some that maybe the main factor.

8 years ago

There is an error in panel 2 it should be “in” size

8 years ago

What if there is a fire in Chris and Holly’s hotel room that destroys all of Chris’ s clothes?

Can Chris get new guy clothes or will he be stuck as a girl until he can get home?

8 years ago

Maybe it would be a good idea to set up a way to upload the images beforehand, and have the site automatically publish them at the right time. That’s what I do with CD Rudd’s TG webcomics, and it’s really convenient. I never have to worry about a comic going up late due to unforeseen circumstances.

8 years ago

Be safe and don’t worry if the comic is a little late better that than breaking expensive equipment.

Let’s hope for Chris that tanning lines don’t stay when he changes back or he’ll have fun explaining the bra mark on his chest