Different Perspectives Page 48

By | November 18, 2014

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4 months ago

chris if i were you i would invest in a foot locker ( trunk ) with a heavy duty lock and put your female purchases in it instead of the back of the closet . because you may never know when your mother might just straighten your closet for you . just trying to keep your secret safe .

4 years ago

Different Perspectives has got to be the best comic so far; 1) He gets to turn into lots of different women 2) He gets to control when he changes and 3) There are lots of mid-transformation combinations. Will Chris be back in another comic?

John Grammaticus
7 years ago

Here’s hoping Chris has some further fun with his mom in the future, Scarlet really is the most attractive woman in the comic. Besides that, that is something deliciously erotic about a boy occupying his mother’s incredible body/

8 years ago

Looking forward to it Foxy πŸ˜‰

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
4 years ago

The important thing its posted.

8 years ago

So if this works for all women for him to change into, he could be any age? That could bring in some interesting twist and turns into the story. As well as being left into a younger girl for long periods of time since not being an adult he could maybe be stuck in that body for a while. Since he already says he was thinking more like a woman he could maybe regress in teenage thoughts or even younger.

8 years ago

It just occurred to me that clothing often does not belong to the person that buys them, I know I get clothing as a gift every year. What happen if he try’s gifted clothing, also what happens if he wraps up some clothes in a box and puts a gift letter on it. It would also save him lots of money if he gets clothing from a second hand store or charity seller.

8 years ago

I love that he says it feels good to be a man again when he still has his girl parts. A buff female not really a man .

Reply to  XloismustdieX
8 years ago

That is very true, how can she call herself a man again in pane 1 when she still has her breasts and who-ha ?

Shes really more so just a muscular woman…, also i have a feeling that the more and more that christina is herself, she will be suppressing the subconsciousness of chris more and more untill hes mearly an observer in the back of her own mind with no power to stop herself from becoming the female she is permanently