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By | November 4, 2015

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2 months ago

something tells me that chris and holly’s summer is going to be anything but amazing. and welcome to fractured in australia.

2 years ago

I enjoyed very much the first half of the story. I was very addicted to read it. However, for my opinion, the story was weakened by allowing Christina gain to easy control over Chris. The great part of magic in the last quarter was a little bit boring!

Reply to  Ulli
2 years ago

what part is that Christina fight for control

2 years ago

Another comic finished and it only took me three days to read as you can tell I’m quite addicted to reading them in my spare time now

Bennett LeLacques
2 years ago

Fascinating story, with thought provoking insights as well as some lovely sex scenes AND frustrations (the ESSENCE of comedy)!
Just out of curiosity, is there a recommended reading/viewing order for the “Sorcerors’ Saga”? I mean, is Isabel the first character to show up in the “SapphireFoxx Universe” out of the ones who appear in “Different Perspectives”? If so, where?

2 years ago

The preview to Different Perspectives made me curious to see the rest of the story and become a subscriber. It is nice to see Chris and Christina independent of each other, and the gang’s original story come to a very well done and appropriate ending.

4 years ago

Well, hi everyone. I’m Cathy and I just became a subscriber. I really enjoyed all the previews and “Different Perspectives” was what drew me in the most. I’m not saying all the other items here aren’t good, but DP touched me at my deepest, most fondly wished for ability and I HAD to read ALL the story, not just the preview. Oh, I’m from New York State…NOT the city! Cheers all.

5 years ago

Ahhhh Austrailia…the land of Roos, Koalas and Hugh Jackmans

6 years ago

Realy good i loved that story