Different Perspectives Page 391

By | October 26, 2015

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1 year ago

well chris and holly’s fantasies are just met.

6 years ago

I have had this dream between me and my wife. More like fantasy. But I got pregnant in my dreams

7 years ago

I want them to do that to me ( pout e face ) 😀 .

Sue Christie
8 years ago

All I can say is this is the ultimate for me: being able to become a beautiful woman, with or without cock and balls, being loved by a woman who can do the same. (Sigh)

Good Guy Golden
8 years ago

Man I enjoy this!

Naomi Pearce
8 years ago

I love how everyone takes a little sexual experimentation as a full on 100% confirmation on change of sexual preference and gender identity.

Reply to  Naomi Pearce
7 years ago

GHAaa egghead talk XwX it burns!!!!!.PS: Want to be friends ? 😀 ;3 .

8 years ago

Holly is starting to enjoy being a male, even if only a part one for now and Chrissy is really starting to be a woman, a full woman at that. Some once said that Chrissy’s destiny was to become a girl forever. I hope it really happens. Isabel can help with more memory rewriting and change everyone’s memory, including hers so that everyone always remember Chrissy as always having been a girl. And then Chrissy can then take her place as the woman she’s always wanted to be (even though she doesn’t realize it yet) and was always meant to… Read more »

Levi D Dalv
Reply to  Cartoonist
8 years ago

That or Chris and Holly swap bodies and can’t swap back, but Chris will stay male with benefits of having a bi-sexual girlfriend and powers to give her want she needs to be satisfied

8 years ago

I say Chris’s curiosity along with Holly’s personality take over. Chris then uses his power to turn Holly into Chris and he becomes holly