Different Perspectives Page 382

By | October 17, 2015

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8 months ago

boy chris is really getting good at what isabel is teaching him, and i think chris is planning to duplicate his fathers clothing enchantment on holly so that she can transform herself into men.

5 years ago

“For some reason” HA Man i LOVE when creators plan ahead

5 years ago

“I suck at figuring Amethyst but Ruby comes to me naturally for some reason”

Heh..eh hehe…oh boy that’s gonna be a shit storm to cross to…

6 years ago

how it works if both parents are part of a bloodline then the mother is the dominant bloodline if only one parent is a part of a bloodline then that parent is the dominant bloodline. I can see why Isabelle is good with ruby magic. Alastair and Sylvia had children and then children of children of children of children… until Isabelle’s parents and then Isabelle.

6 years ago

“Ruby comes to me naturally for some reason”, I saw what you did there Sam 😉

7 years ago

no one notice I-gurr in the panels

Reply to  skyrimepic334
4 years ago

Because she (i think?) Was blank?

7 years ago

You guys think, one of the clones is Damon from the Halloween Party video?

Reply to  Demarcuskato
4 years ago

As isabelle put it “empty headed”

Jason Hamon
7 years ago

if was a sorcerer a, I wont like to have the Gold mark om my face