Different Perspectives Page 367

By | October 2, 2015

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1 year ago

i feel sorry for poor chris . his father accidently gave his son his enchantment power that he was trying to take care of.

5 years ago

T_T you make such good stories, I hope both Nolan and Nicole are watching how their wife and children are doing

5 years ago

You know the saddest part is technically…both Nolan AND Nicole…died…

Shit. Aaaannnnd back to the crying corner for me

7 years ago

Why does Nolan need to cash this spell twice and hit Chris with that?
If he want to change back to the Nolan shape he didn’t need to cast this spell only to change his clothes?

Reply to  brownfool
4 years ago

He must have been in a hurry.

Shmorgen Heckingard
7 years ago

Just a minor grammar thing. It’s affected not effected. Affect is a verb and effect is a noun. Sorry for being a little anal about it, but things like that annoy me.

7 years ago

I’m finally caught up and finished shifting roommates

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
7 years ago

But worth every second. You’re a good story teller:)

7 years ago

Curse you Vile Doorknob! it must’ve been made by ANICENT EGYPT!

Reply to  Scorchia
7 years ago

*Imperial March song plays*

Reply to  Scorchia
7 years ago


7 years ago

Chris is kinda christinas dad because he made her. Scarlet lost a kid but having another kid about to go to college what’s the point? Is that going to help her? Or is she going to fall into another depression when she becomes a empty nester ?

Reply to  XloismustdieX
7 years ago

has she really recovered from losing the baby and then losing her husband and her best friend?