Different Perspectives Page 359

By | September 24, 2015

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1 year ago

isabell wants to scare chris straight and tease him at the same time.

6 years ago

Give him way over sex body send him back in.

Naomi Pearce
8 years ago

What bothers me is every single comment on these pages. Everyone wants every conflict to be wrapped up in one page. If it goes on for more than one, someone’s being too mean, or they’re downright evil, or something like that. Especially when it comes to Chris. It seems every comment wants a Mary Sue character instead of an actual human being with character flaws and conflict. NOTE: Mary Sue characters are boring, and rushed conflicts make for a bad story. Seriously. Whenever ANYONE comes in and looks at Chris cross-eyed they are persecuted by the community as the worst… Read more »

Reply to  Naomi Pearce
8 years ago

That is a legitimate criticism of the way the fanbase reacts to the story. It is probably partly due to the release schedule; even though it is daily, events seem to take longer than they really are. Like this party scene is not that long, it’d probably make up a single comic issue at most, but because we are seeing it one page a day it seems longer… thus emotions run higher based on the last action of the character. If we were to read it in bundles like an actual comic book, or go back and read it once… Read more »

8 years ago

I hope Isabel keeps and makes Chris/Chrissy stay a girl for a while. Make him/her sqirm a little while and teach her al lesson. Like Isabel said, Chrissy could’ve killed Jessica, especially not knowing how to do a spell right, especially when Chrissy was first learning how to do it. And Chris/Chrissy has been getting away with murder considering she became Miss Turner to pass a test, lied and almost got arrested by that traffric cop when she became Scarlett’s twin “sister” by taking her car and going for a joyride. It’s all going to catch up wiith here one… Read more »

8 years ago

He says he will not transform any more ,like how many times has he said that?

Levi D Dalv
8 years ago

HOLLY comes to the party shouting “CHRIS, WHICH ONE ARE YOU?” that would confuse everyone.

8 years ago

Isabel just became hawt. X///D

Hobo K
8 years ago

…….she SCARY when she wants to be….