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By | September 7, 2015

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1 year ago

isabel sure knows her bloodlines very well.

1 year ago

If Jaegertron had six bloodlines, I misspoke. There are seven bloodlines, number seven is Firefox. This bloodline is entirely women, they use fire magic.

3 years ago

This exposition is the same as whats done for the infinity stones in the MCU.

Bennett LeLacques
3 years ago

Looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into the rules of magic for this world, as well as the society and culture of “bloods”.
Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered the possibility of setting up a tabletop role-playing game system, even putting it all into a book and making it available for sale?
There are dozens if not hundreds of sources of information on the topic. And you might even reach out to professionals in the industry for all kinds of advice and insight.

5 years ago

We should really come up with symbols for the 9…

6 years ago

sapphire motion emerald healing and gold transformation what are the other 6 blood line specialtize

Reply to  wonderman
5 years ago

When did we find out gold and blues specialty?

6 years ago

It’s like one of those things where nine people started the bloodline and it grew and grew. Kinda like the curses

7 years ago

I feel like I’m reading a list of Pokemon games.