Different Perspectives Page 274

By | July 2, 2015

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1 month ago

I was on Team Christina, especially in my first read. She offered Chris a compromise. From the beginning, she was willing to use their body as hers for just a few hours here or there. Fortunately, Chris and Christina later found the common ground as Chris finally accepted, they needed to compromise and share their body!

Last edited 1 month ago by aek
1 year ago

this is not going to end well for both chris or christina . i suggest that they share his body.

1 year ago

Kinda on her side, she exists and opened with a compromise offer. If only she took into account he just woke up and hasn’t had time to really become cognizant yet.

5 years ago

Chris you need to have hate, blinding, searing, massive hate. So much hate that it will overwhelm her. It’s the only way.

The Jade Serpent
Reply to  The_Odd_Duck
4 years ago

I can feel your anger…

5 years ago

Team spiderman

6 years ago

I’m for Christina but I’m a mtf and kinda hate men so if they compromised and she became lesbian it would be my dream lol

6 years ago

Are there any sides? A construct hijacks a guy’s life in order to have dates…. how can anyone possibly root for it?

7 years ago

i have to go to the darkside lol 😛 aka Christina

Reply to  AwesomeGuy30
7 years ago

me too