Different Perspectives Page 259

By | June 17, 2015

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1 year ago

chris is really going to be shocked when he wakes up and finds out that christina knows everything .

1 year ago

I wish Christina didn’t have such a harsh reality to wake up to.

5 years ago

It’s a good thing Christina didn’t drop a ‘Mom’ bomb. Knock on wood.

8 years ago

It’s interesting that Christina has no new memories of her own. Ie dressing as Christina before, or do her memories only engage when she’s in control of Chris. What I mean is, that Christina has taken over a couple times before so wouldn’t they register in Christina’s brain? Anyway, best comic series EVER

8 years ago

Poor Christina. Her own mom don’t know her. Will she try and change back into her male self now?

Reply to  Cartoonist
8 years ago

I want her to become a whore

Reply to  Barbie
8 years ago

That escalated quickly.

James Caras
8 years ago

What is Christina going to do now ?
Where can she go ?

8 years ago

every one have a mother who is real. anyone with out a mother is not real. Don’t need to said more.

8 years ago

If the Fox was ever needed, now would be a good time.